We all love to be successful. Yes, me too! Success is a mindset. It all depends on how you think and then the result will come into your life. It’s not associated with how much money you can earn. Money cannot buy happiness!

In this blog, we go through different aspects to achieve our goal – successful life including Self Esteem, Motivation, Time Management and Stress (and a lot going forward 🙂 )

About myself

I am a typical person who works in a normal office since 2006. As you can see, it has been more than 10 years I’m in the “Labor Force”. The longer I work, the more I find myself lost. I believe many people have the same feeling, don’t you?

When I look back to my study age, there was a lot of difference. It looked like I didn’t need to think anything, I had much time to use, I didn’t feel stress. (There was actually one stress – exam, that’s all)

Now, there are so many so many so many things to think. For examples, paying bills, raising children, stress at work, everything etc…

I just feel busy – time is not enough, don’t really feel like going to work. Until a point in time in 2012, I started to sit down and think about this issue seriously.

When I was young, I wanted to be an adult to earn money to do whatever I like!
When I am an adult now, what I felt is stress!

Then suddenly, a light bulb moment hit to my mind. Everything is clear. These are actually feeling and depending on how you handle. You just need to manage your life properly, in other words, correct mindset!

If you don’t have enough time? Just control it.
If you feel too stressed? Do something.

After all, you will feel release.

I hope everyone enjoys the learning in this blog and have a Succesful Life.


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