Life is never short of beauty and love. It’s just that we forget to feel the happiness and to be grateful in the daily stress and repetition.

Life is so beautiful. Here’s a list of 100 things to be grateful for. I might add some more when I have more time.

Life is so beautiful

1.  Life. I am grateful that I have this chance to come to this world and live my life
2.  Growing up fine. There were ups and downs, I am glad I turned out fine.
3.  Families. My parents and my sisters. They give me unconditional love. They are always there for me.
4.  My husband. He has integrity. He is very patient and loving. He has a kind soul and a mosaic heart. He makes me a better person.
5.  Friends. They make life so much fun and happier.
6.  People who love me and loved me
7.  People I love and loved. They all teach me or taught me something. I am forever grateful.
8.  Good air. Isn’t it wonderful to see the crystal clear blue sky and snow white clouds during the day and sparkling stars at night?
9.  Clean running water. I sometimes take it for granted, but really, I can’t live without a warm shower in the morning.
10. Sunshine. It always makes my heart sing.
11. Art. As Pablo Picasso says: Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
12. Good books. You can’t open a book without learning something.
13. Knowledge. It helps us realize our ignorance.
14. Great movies.
15. Music. It’s like my religion. I can’t get enough of it.
16. The internet. Keeping I connected with… A lot of things.
17. Kindness. Even the smallest act or word can make someone’s day.
18. Honesty. Yes, truth always wins. This is the best way to keep your life simple and neat.
19. Forgiveness. It is a gift you can give to yourself.
20. Smiles. Best make-up for anyone.
21. Challenges and hardships. They help me find my potentials and make me a stronger person.
22. My pets. Teddy and Sammy… Oh, how much I miss you.
23. Peace. Peace in the world and peace of mind.
24. Love. Who can live without it?
25. Questions. Asking questions or being questioned, great ways to learn.
26. Ability to cry. I am a real softie and I cried on TV shows. What’s wrong with that?
27. Laughter and being able to laugh.
28. Nature around me. My plants, the hummingbirds, even the squirrels who eat my fruits. They are simply amazing.
29. Travelling to and living in different countries.
30. Living in California, a truly beautiful place with almost the best weather.
31. Recycling.
32. Ability to learn things fast.
33. Colors.
34. Legs that works fine since I love walking so much.
35. Health Insurance.
36. Health. Health of myself, my family and friends… All my loved ones.
37. Good sleep.
38. Quality time.
39. Memories.
40. Freedom.
41. Good wine.
42. Access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
43. A good cup of tea or coffee… Or hot chocolate.
44. Good food.
45. Photographs. They record wonderful moments.
46. Having nice homes.
47. Curiously, but not being nosy.
48. Respect.
49. My education.
50. Being literate.
51. The ability to dream.
52. Compassion.
53. Being a good listener.
54. Being a good person with a kind heart.
55. My values and core beliefs, and the strength to always honor them.
56. Strength and knowing my weaknesses.
57. All the mistakes that I have made that helped me to grow.
58. The ability of remembering.
59. Being able to speak more than one language.
60. The jobs I have had. I’ve learned quite a bit.
61. All my audiences from my previous job. All my fans and those who still follow me and comment on my blog. You are always my inspiration.
62. The support and encouragement I’ve ever received.
63. The freedom to make choices.
64. Thoughts. Isn’t it great to have the thoughts of our own?
65. Ordinary miracles. If you have ever read Charlotte’s Web, you know what I am talking about.
66. Being able to give. My mom always says that the things you really own are the things that you give to people. I truly believe it.
67. Being able to make a difference a little at a time in my own humble way.
68. Apologies. It always makes things right.
69. Passion. It is the best motivation. It makes you so alive. Being passionate about something or someone feels wonderful.
70. Beautiful clothes. Gorgeous jewelry.
71. Comfortable bras and shoes and yoga pants.
72. Entertainers that enrich my life and offer me great options to spend my time.
73. More and more organic and environmental-friendly products that I can get from the market.
74. All the comfort, pleasure and joy in my life.
75. An open mind that can appreciate multiple cultures.
76. Seasons. I used to have preferences. Now I love them all.
77. Patience. My husband has great patience which makes me realize how important it is. I need to work on mine.
78. Time.
79. Being able to have my privacy.
80. People who fight for public well-being. People who stand up or work for raising awareness of many social issues.
81. People who dedicate their time and hard work to true craftsmanship.
82. Great innovation and new technologies that change the world and makes our lives more exciting.
83. Modern Medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.
84. Having a nice garden I can work on.
85. Change. I was once afraid of them. Through the years, I’ve learned they are the doors to more possibilities.
86. Opinions. It is great to hear opinions and also share mine with others.
87. Fine little details that contains immense care and concerns.
88. Having a nice dentist.
89. Safety around me. Safety in the city. Safety in the neighborhood. This is a privilege, not everyone can enjoy.
90. Safe takeoffs and landings.
91. The airbags in the automobiles.
92. The seat warmers in the car.
93. The GPS system.
94. Gifts.
95. Compliments.
96. Making peace with myself for not being perfect and keeping the drive to be a better person every day.
97. Not being judged, but being accepted for who I am.
98. Being alive at this great moment of human history-just to witness and hopefully participate.
99. I am thankful you take your precious time to read this far.
100. I am thankful that this world hasn’t come to an end…

What are you thankful for


It’s your turn now. What things are you grateful for or thankful for in life?