The world is changeable. No one knows what will happen in the next second. Who does not know when they will leave the world. Don’t regret the cowardice and procrastination in the last second of life. Let’s learn the ways to live life differently.

There’s a lot of things you want to do, but there’s a lot of reasons to stop yourself from doing it, and in the end there’s nothing to do, because you tell yourself you will do it next time.

With a variety of reasons, in fact, procrastination is the overdraft of the future, which intended to fill today’s regret in the future time, but did not think about what makes up for the future regret.

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Don’t think about the countless opportunities to achieve what we didn’t accomplish today. No one knows how many next time you will have. Rather than pushing things to the future, it’s a step forward to make up your mind to do it from now on, even if only a fraction of it can be done every day.

ways to live life differently

1. Focus

  • When you walk, please concentrate on walking;
  • When you eat, please enjoy eating;
  • When you read, please concentrate on reading;
  • When you dance, please enjoy the dance…

As long as I don’t want anything else in my head,

Your brain and body’s senses become sharper,

It helps you focus on anything.

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2. Be cautious

  • You can complete the task at once, but you can’t finish it in a sloppy way;
  • You can do it slowly, but you can’t do it in a hurry.

Pay careful attention to your actions.

Prioritize and organize tasks that you haven’t accomplished.

3. Freedom

You can focus on anything.

But don’t fill up the day, arrange it too closely, that can become anxious and overwhelmed.

It’s better to make time to stop and buffer yourself. This will make your schedule easier.

Life has also become calmer and freer.

4. Ceremony

Life requires a sense of ritual. You can build your rituals.

Prepare for food, do what you like, create an atmosphere for the people around you…

It can all bring a kind of fun and beauty.

5. Time

You can allocate your time. Whether it’s about working or playing, or eating or meditation.

As long as it is arranged regularly and reasonably, you won’t be panicked.

6. Enjoy

You can take some time to enjoy it, or do what you want to do. It’s not about how much money you make.

Drink red wine, dance, draw, write, or laugh.

You can enjoy living in the now.

7. Smile

You can keep smiling.

Smile to face our beautiful every day.

It can bring us closer to each other,

Laugh at the hundred states of life.

8. Meditation

Try to empty your body by meditating.

Don’t think, don’t guess. Just talk to yourself.

In just a few minutes, it suddenly opened up.

It indicates that you are changing your lifestyle.

9. Think

In life, there are many things that need not be done.

It’s about learning to think and set your mind differently.

Keep asking yourself:

  • What do you need
  • What you don’t need and give up

10. Simple

Simple life is a blessing.

Try to make it as simple as possible.

You’ll find that start simple and everything will be fine.

11. Empty

Emptying doesn’t mean you’re all zeroing.

It’s about cleaning up the unnecessary things.

It’s like your body management.

Only self-discipline can make oneself more beautiful.

It’s also a radical way to make sure you do every job.

12. Services

  • Be kind to people.
  • Don’t chase for something for purpose.
  • Take care to serve others everywhere.

It can also improve the people around you and the way you live your life.

Don’t give up to live life differently

But at least I’m willing to work on the details of my life.

Find something different to try. Hope to give myself a comfort.

With Little by little accumulation, one day you will be able to feel you live your life differently and pursue goals that belong only to you.

For example, travel. I began to change. All family members and friends around me love to go to the attractions. Every festival, there must be many people. Everyone is taking photos, posting on Facebook and Twitter, and leaving an instant pale memorial. Why are you like them?

So I love hiking, I prefer to feel nature. Start to feel different ways of playing with people. We can go far with our backpacks. Leave the crowd, and live our own independent journeys and lives. The world is much wider than we thought.

Colored life

Sometimes hobbies can not be avoided, but I still want to like them. I like Starbucks coffee, not because of how different it is, but because I’m always impressed by its brand and packaging. Because I like a colorful life.

Why must coffee cups be the same color? Each one looks the same and is very boring. Starbucks, on the other half, uses red packaging every New Year and Christmas. Although more and more people buy now, but every winter on the road, I still feel a heart, and the general coffee is different.

It’s colorful, it’s really different.

Every time I pick up the parcel also often think about this problem, the parcel is actually an extension of our shopping.

I am full of joy to complete every online shopping, and with anticipation and curiosity to open each courier package. But why are courier packages always like this?

boring package boring life

If we have a different parcel packaging, then we will have a different mood when we unwrack each package.

Just like our life, Life is short. Enjoy living life differently with colorful packaging!