The 80/20 rule explained: Pareto Law can change your life

The 80 20 rule explained is one of the most helpful concepts for life and time management. This rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, shows that 20% of your activities will produce 80% of your results.

That’s why you should learn how to write action plan to change the way you set goals.

The 80 20 rule Explained in detail

Everyone gets 80% happy time in 20% of their life. 20 % of their energy get 80% of the results. The other 80% of their life or the results are less effective or wasteful.

Therefore, learning how to apply the 80 20 rule explained can greatly improve our quality of life. Everyone can live life differently and happier. Every company can achieve higher profits.

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If we can recognize the difference between the key minority and secondary majority in life and make the necessary improvements accordingly, then in many cases we can get what we want.

Why this approach works?

Due to the existence of a strong positive feedback loop that strongly affects small amounts of input, which explains why a small amount of input can have such an impact.

The rich, for example, are not only because they have superior abilities, but because wealth generates wealth. 

We can learn how to use the 8020 thinking method in practice to further improve our work and life. Remember, 80% of the happiness and success of ordinary people from a small part of life.

This is a non-quantitative method in which we find out a very small number of things that are really important and ignores most of the unimportant things. To apply 8020 thinking method, we have to keep asking ourselves that what the 20% cause of the 80% result come from?

What is the 8020 thinking method?

To subvert traditional thinking, the use of such laws means:

  • We have to do more efficient work, not average effort,
  • Looking for shortcuts, not learning to follow,
  • Take control of our lives with the least effort
  • Have a choice, not nothing,
  • Excellence, not greed,
  • Choose our jobs and our boss carefully, and if it’s possible to be your own boss, rather than working for someone else,
  • Seek help from others as much as possible in life.
  • Just do our best work and enjoy it,
  • Reveal the nature of things that look ridiculous and weird through the performance of life
  • 20% effort in each important area to get 80% return.

The purpose of 8020 thinking method is to stimulate people to improve their behavior in life. Then introspection and reflection, the pursuit of enjoying life, and advocating happiness

Most achievements are the product of happiness of interest and desire for happiness. For examples, spend time with the people you like, engage in the jobs you prefer, and spend most of leisure time on activities that you think are the most fun.

The 8020 thinking approach, which requires strategicness, means focusing on things that are very important to us and focusing on a few things that give us a comparative advantage.

The 80 20 percent rule is nonlinear

The 80 20 percent rule is nonlinear

A few people understand what really causes a good thing or a bad thing. The real reason may not be particularly obvious. A small action plan may change the state of balance. A small part of the decision-making is very important, so the decision must be firmly implemented. 80% of our achievements and happiness occur 20 percent of the time in our lives, and that time can be greatly expanded.

Everyone can achieve some important achievements, the secret is not to work hard, but to find the right goal for them.

Few people take their goals seriously. They always work hard without focusing. Those who are the most accomplished are usually the most desirable. And the most determined people, many of them spend most of their time in activities that do not make much sense. So people who use Pareto 8020 thinking will make a breakthrough in achieving a few more valuable goals.

The Importance of 80/20 Rule Time Management

To start using the 80 20 rule explained to achieve success and happiness, it is best to start with time.

80% of the achievements were made 20% of the time. On the other hand, 80% of the time only created 20% of the value. 80% of the happy time appeared in 20% of the life course. The remaining 80% of the time can only experience 20 % happiness.

The implication is that most of the things we do are of little value, a small part of our time can create more value than most of the time

If we can do things in accordance with the above principles, we should act decisively, there is no need to focus on details. We have to use the time more efficiently. If we can make good use of that 20% of the time, we will find that 20% is inexhaustible.

The use of 8020 thinking method to change the major ideological cognition. We should firmly establish the understanding.

Working hard, especially working for others, cannot achieve our own pursuit. Unique thoughts and doing what you want to do can bring us rewards. Abandon guilt, do what you like to do, and treat it as work. Free from the obligations imposed on you by others.

The 8020 ratio has repeatedly shown that the top 20 percent of people who achieve the most work for themselves. Even if they are not, they still think that they are working for themselves. Choose your partner and obligations carefully.  Break through the traditional view of time. Not all unconventional methods can improve the efficiency of using time, but at least one method is feasible to ensure that most of the time is spent on what you like to do.

80/20 rule relationships examples:

1. The 80/20 Law at work

Assuming that you work ten hours a day, only two of those hours create 80% of your results today. If you can find out the 20% most important things, the remaining 80% can be used to do more useful things. At the same time, you can also use your time more efficiently.

2. The 80/20 method on happiness

Ask yourself: What is 20 percent of your expectations and happiness are brought by 80 percent? Knowing this will allow you to invest your time in this 20% source of happiness and allocate the remaining 80% more efficiently.

3. The 80/20 rule in performance

According to this rule, the company’s revenue comes from 20 percent of the products or customers, and your performance comes from the most important customers. Find out which customers are responsible for your 80 percent performance, build better relationships with them, and provide them with better service.

4. The 80/20 rule on the allocation of time

If you’ve found that only 20 percent of your effort and commitment in a day’s work can produce 80 percent of your output, then the problem is that the other 80 percent of the effort is a huge waste.

This seems hard to avoid, because the only way to change is to spend the other 80 percent of your time doing something more useful. Or you can choose to do everything with the least amount of time and leave work early to do something that makes more sense to you.

5. The 80/20 rule on the degree of effort

Of all the efforts you put in, only 20 percent of the work will result in 80 percent output. Effort is a good thing, but in order to use your time more efficiently, try to figure out what is causing 80 percent of the results, and reorient your efforts. Spend most of your time more effectively on the most important 20 percent. It will produce better results.

6. The Law of 80/20 on the distribution of wealth

The distribution of wealth in the world is also distributed by the 80/20 rule. 20 percent of the world’s population owns 80 percent of the world’s wealth, and even higher than that.

So how to make good use of the 80/20 theory? Make yourself 20 percent of the people. For instance, thinking about whether you are the top 20 percent of the important people in the company? If not, it is more important to strengthen your ability and expertise to become the company’s most important front 20 percent of the people. Because 80% of the company’s total salary will also fall on the front 20%.

How to apply Pareto 80 20

How to apply Pareto 80 20?

1. Find the most effective 20% that can give you 80%

Take a piece of white paper, list as many happy times as you can, and then find common ground. Repeat the process to find out what you’re unhappy about and why they exist. These purposes are to allow you to discover certain basic properties and to find out what you do best.

2. Increase that 20% most effective time

3. It’s important to focus on what you can easily do well.

4. Choose your friends carefully

People’s interpersonal and emotional capacity are limited. You can list twenty people who are important to your relationship or twenty people who are important to you in the business. You can see how much time you spend on them, so develop a deep relationship with caution.

5. The golden rule of career success

In a smaller professional environment, excellence to develop core skills, find a job you like, and stand out. One day you will become recognized leadership, and understand the truth that knowledge is the power. So find out in which area you can use 20% of the effort to achieve 80% reward. Learn from the best. Start your own business as early as possible. Hire as many people as possible to generate net value. Outsource as much as possible. Capital operation based on the principle of leverage.

6. 8020 money making law

Investment income is far richer than wage income. This shows that it is wise to prepare sufficient funds for investment early. Start investing as early as possible and develop a sustainable long-term strategy as early as possible. Building on past successes. The key to the success of personal investment is to find an experience that matches your personality from a series of successful experience skills.

7. The habit of happiness

All the cognition of happiness relates to our judgment of self-worth. Positive self-awareness is the key to feeling happy. We should set your mind up the right self-values. You should believe that you can do no more guilt. Forget your shortcomings and enhance your own advantages. Think about the good things you have done, the achievements and the praise. This is not self-deception, but just to increase their happiness, as much as possible to remain optimistic.

In summary, understand yourself, change your original understanding of work, and the old perception of life. Working hard for others can not get the life you think of. You have to work for yourself, setting your own goals, and focus and stick to it.

Which interpersonal relationships are most important to you, and then don’t spend the average time to maintain the relationship, but instead transform to spend 80% of the communication time on these important people.

It becomes why 20% of the time and energy can get 80% of the results, and accordingly, continue to expand 20% of the time and energy to optimize your life. Become the person you want to be, and achieve what you want.

Find out “What is 80” and “What is 20”

You often see people who seem to be busy all day, but in fact nothing is done. It’s almost always because they’re busy with low-value tasks and delay one or two activities that really matter for their company and career.

The most valuable tasks you can do every day are often the most difficult and complex, but the rewards of completing them can be enormous.

Before you start working, always ask yourself, “Is this task in the top 20% or the last 80% of my work?”

The concept is to resist the temptation to clean up the little things first.

If you choose to start your day with low-value work, you will soon get into the habit of always starting with low-value work.