11 Mind Tricks To Defuse Bad Mood
Why lose your present mood for painful regret. Occasional complaints are necessary, but endless complaints only add to the annoyance. Optimism is the most important. Here are 11 mind tricks to defuse your bad mood and help you get rid of your bad feelings.
1. Learn to Silence
Sometimes you’re misunderstood by others. You don’t want to argue, so you choose to silence. Not everyone has to know you, so you don’t think you have to shout at the world.

But sometimes, you are misunderstood by the person you love the most. You are sad enough not to argue, and you only choose to be silent. You can be misunderstood by the whole world, but the one you love should understand. If he or she doesn’t understand, what else can you say?

There are often speechless moments in life, after all, not all are clearly listed, and may not even be true right or wrong at all. Well, if you don’t want to talk, then don’t say anything. Perhaps silence is the best explanation.

2. At least calm

When you hit the bottom of your life, everyone around you tells you: Be strong and be happy. Stay strong is absolutely necessary, but what about happiness? After all, who can be happy when they are badly beaten? But at least calm can be done. Look at the matter calmly and take care of the rest of the matter calmly. Calm does not make you happy, but does not make you unhappy.

3. Learn to bend over

This will be your unexpected gain. When you have different opinions with other people and even resulting in verbal conflict, you will be depressed because you feel that they are all malicious.

Stop worrying, go home and clean the floor. Stowing a rag, bend down, knees on the ground, and wipe every corner of the floor in front of you.

And then think about yourself again. In that conflict, every word that you said. Now, you find that you actually have something wrong, isn’t it? You’re getting calm, aren’t you? Sometimes you have to learn to bend over, because this action can make you humble. While working on the body, you also polish your mind. This is your first gain. And you still have a glossy floor. This is your second harvest. 

4. Don’t think about “If”

Life is a long way with infinite fork. You are always in the non-stop choice. If you’re just choosing whether to eat fried noodles or fried rice, the impact seems small. But if you’re choosing what major in university to study, what kind of job to work with, whether to marry or not, and whether or not to have children, each choice has far-reaching impact. And different choices will certainly create a completely different life.

There is no chance to come back in life. You may often think that if you have done this, the result will be that… Such a murmur of sadness. The choice of every forked road is not really good or bad. Just think of life as yourself. Unique creations will not look back frequently if different choices were made.

5. Work Hard

Imagine you are walking in a beautiful forest. You see a vine attached to the trunk. It’s soft and solidly intertwined. You are moved by this quiet and beautiful scene. You want to let the happiness and belonging stop there. 

However, you do not know what kind of wind and rain will be in the future? Maybe the vine will break, the tree will fall, and maybe the sky will be deserted. You think again. Well, please stop at this moment. Stopping is eternity. Eternity if there is this moment of quiet and beauty. The future may encounter all kinds of disasters. You has been comforted and rewarded already. So move on and work hard.

6. Keep it simple

Because you think too much, you often complicate your life. Clearly live in the present, but you always remember the past, and also worried about the future. Persist in carrying the past, the future and the present, and of course your life is only a mess.

Simple is a state of grace. Simply feel the changes in the weather with the skin, taste the grass fragrance after the rain with the nasal cavity, and take pictures of the distant mountains and the near scene as a painting with the eyes. Simply live in the moment. And now it doesn’t really matter whether it’s true or false. Since there is no right and wrong, there is no need to think about it. Without true or false, there is no need to forget and worry.

If there is no true or false, isn’t it like dreaming? Yeah, just take your life as a dream and execute it.

7. Occasional “Tacky”

After eating a lot of healthy foods, occasionally you want to eat some junk foods. After watching a lot of master dramas, occasionally you want to watch some series that can make you laugh or cry. After listening to a lot of classical music, occasionally you want to listen to popular songs.

You know healthy food makes sense for the gut, master drama makes sense to cultivate temperament, and classical music is meaningful to your spirit, but occasionally you don’t really want to let yourself live so intentionally all the time.

Life doesn’t have to tie yourself so tightly. Occasional little indulgence is moral. Full of discipline, perhaps, is mature, but the occasional vulgarity is more approachable.

8. Control the emotions, don’t waste it

Today you maybe not happy, because someone stabbed you with words. You don’t like to quarrel, so you leave. But you just leave the situation where you’re hurt by that person. So the more you want to get angry, the more angry you are, and the less energy you have to care about other things.

There are many more things you should be careful to deal with, that being ignored and omitted when you are in the state of terribly upset. Because, you’re just getting angry. It’s a waste of yourself, and it’s a bad waste.

After all, anger is also a force, and anger must hurt. So, be smart like you, don’t let your emotions control you. Before you’re angry again, you may wish to gently remind yourself: “Don’t waste it.

9. Seize the best moment and never miss it

You once bought a very favorite dress but didn’t wear it, solemnly stored in the wardrobe. After a long time, when you see it again, but found that it is out of date. So that’s how you miss it.

You’ve also bought a nice cake but you didn’t eat it, solemnly served in the fridge but found it had expired. So you also miss it.

It’s a pity not to wear the clothes when you like it most, and not to taste the cake at the most delicious time, just like not to do things when you want to do it most.

Life also has a shelf life. The things you want to do should be done early. If you just put your wish in your heart, but have not gone to implement, then the only result is to miss, like that outdated clothes, and the expired cake.

10. Occasional Out of Orbit

One time you took the train to go to A, but suddenly wanted to get out at B. Perhaps the name of the place attracts you, or perhaps the scenery that touches you by chance. In short, you change your scheduled itinerary and then experience an unexpected trip full of surprises. Location A is your original goal, but location B land lets you experience the small adventure.

It was an unforgettable cheating experience. Life is just like that. Leaving the preset track, you will have the opportunity to discover other scenery.

11. Quietly return to calm

Everything, in fact, need not worry… All you have to do is to be yourself, without any regrets… It’s enough.

Often some people sigh that live really tired. Tired, is mental pressure, is psychological burden. Tiredness can make people fall into a sub-health state for a long time; Tiredness will make people lose spirit. So follow the above tricks to defuse your bad mood and learn to free yourself.