Top time wasting activities

Before we go for “if we can get your time back”, let’s take a look at time wasting activities that we have. People often regret time is gone. See which one/ones you are related.

Just let me sleep for a minute

Take a break

Presumably we all have the experience of sitting at a desk and trying to focus on reading or work but being asleep. This kind of study and work are inefficient. Keep your mind clear so you can manage your life well.

It doesn’t matter if I am 5 minutes late


A person who is always a few minutes late is selfish to their convenience. Better keep distance with them. Time is life. Don’t waste your life for such a person.

Should I break up or not?

Break Up

When you feel like “no longer attracted to each other”, does it mean that we should break up? A lot of people will keep thinking for days or even years. But this kind of practice wastes each other’s time and life. If you really feel like to break up, make a decision and never wait for tomorrow.

I am still new. Take it slow


Do you want to get into the company ASAP? Then please do something impressive in first one month. You don’t have to do much, even small things are ok.

As long as you work a little harder, certain people will see. So do not underestimate this effort. Your colleagues will recognize your ability in a short period of time, which may help you in the future opportunities.


Like what mentioned. We all like Scrolling!

We all do it. When we wake up in the morning. During breaks between tasks at work. While waiting on a friend at the bar. Before we go to bed at night. Scrolling our Facebook or Instagram feed has become a regular part of our day. But what if we swap out a couple of those rabbit hole time losses for something more productive or motivational?

Scrolling our Facebook or Instagram feed has become a regular part of our day.

2 causes – Procrastination and Perfectionism

Traci DeForge, business strategist, shares time management tips to break through your bad habits, improve your business and your life.

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Procrastination is time killer

Why is the task you plan to never finish? – Procrastination

You work hard and are overwhelmed by countless activities and getting dizzy. The tasks are endless. You still find a whole bunch of unfinished work at the end of the day. After getting home, you feel the frustration of not completing the task and are thinking you will have to continue fighting again tomorrow.

In the field of psychology, procrastination refers to the failure of self-regulation, an act of delaying what is planned to be done in situations where the consequences can be expected to be harmful. A lot of people (myself included) will come up with things like what’s scheduled to be done today but they always think about doing it later till the last minute to complete. In the period of procrastination, the mood is restless, and even will continue to blame themselves.

If you don’t always have the means to finish the task on time, you can try this method. Turn “wait for a while” into “Finish Now”. If you can do it in 2 minutes, then do it immediately. Get rid of the little things that must be done first, and you will not leave a burden on your mind.


So, since it’s so annoying, get rid of it as soon as possible. Act now!


5 ways to get your time back

Right, time cannot be reversed. People often regret they haven’t done this and that. You don’t need a time machine but you need to better ways to spend you time. Here are 5 ways to help you get back your dreams and enthusiasm.

1. Review the past: Draw your lifeline

Please take one or two hours to draw your “lifeline”: from childhood, the scoring your great happiness and great sadness moments from high to low; mark the most proud, the most excited and the strongest and sober moments; as well as you feel lost and lonely time. Point out the turning point when things change fundamentally.

Now, look at the whole picture:

What are the deep topics?

What does it always seem to be clear in any case?

What values seem to most often have the greatest impact when you start to change your life?

Do you usually walk on the positive side of the road, or do you have a lot of ups and downs on the way?

When is the time of luck or fate?

Now, to the near past, consider the following questions:

What has changed at work and what has not changed?

How do I feel right now?

How do I see myself this time?

Do I live my values?

Am I happy?

Do my values still match what I need to do at work and what my company is doing? Has my dream changed?

Do I still believe in my vision for the future?

2. Define Your Life principles

Think about all the important aspects of your life, such as family, relationships, work, mind and body health. What are your core values in these areas? List five to six principles as a guide to life and think about whether they are the value you really live for.

3. Extended vision: What do you want to accomplish in your remaining life?

Try writing one or two pages about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Or you might want to line up from 1 to 27th on a piece of paper and list what you want to do or experience before you die. Don’t feel the need to stop at the 27th, and don’t worry about priorities or reality. Just write down all the ideas you think of.

This exercise is harder than it seems, because human nature is the habit of thinking about what to do next, tomorrow, next week, or before next month. However, with such a short-sighted view, we can only focus on urgent matters but not important things. When we think in an extended field of vision, such as what we want to do before we die, we can open up a series of new possibilities.

4. Imagine the future: The next 15 years, the ideal life is…

Just imagine, if it is 15 years from now, you are living an ideal life, then where would you sit and read this article? And what kind of people are you around? How does your environment look and feel? What do you do in your daily or one weeks? Don’t worry that the life you create is not feasible, or impossible, but to enlarge the image and put yourself in the picture.

Try to do some free writing on this image of yourself, record your vision, or discuss it with a trusted friend. Many people say they feel the release of energy when they do this exercise, and even feel more optimistic than they were a few hours ago. Imagining an ideal future like this may be an extremely effective way to link you to the possibility of changing your life.

5. Introspection time

For many people, religious beliefs provide a conduit for thought. Some of them arrange time in a day or week to pray or meditate. But Introspection time can be much simpler.

It can be during jogging, during dinner or any free time you can think of. Regardless of the way you introspect, the key is to keep a period of time or ritual, leave your job responsibilities, and talk to your own thoughts.


Think wisely


10-10-10 Rule to better spend your time

Speaking about imagine the future, the famus strategy must be 10-10-10 Rule that is created by Suzy Welch.

Consider your decision and weigh how each of your possible choices will have an effect in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years (which really means right now, in the foreseeable future, and in the distant future).

Perceiving your options through this lens allows you to step out of the pressure of immediate demands and choose what has the most lasting positive impact on your life’s priorities. These decisions can be big or small.

It’s a helpful perspective that untangles the mental turmoil of being torn in various directions.

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Spend your time wisely

We may want to pause our lives, but we need to strive for balance. Work is important, but it can’t be our top priority. Money can’t buy time with family.
Time with our loved ones is priceless, and it’s often what they need from us most. If you fail at work, you can always improve in the future. Failing your family and neglecting yourself is harder to correct.
Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Don’t squander the precious time you have with the people you love. Take care of your body so that you can live healthily and happily.

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in work that we forget about the people that we care about. The movie, Click, reminds us that there’s more to life than work.

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There are so many injustices in life that we have no way to change, but only one thing is that everyone is at the same starting point, and that is “time”. We all have the same “time”. But our life is short, time keeps passing by. Come on! Live their own brilliance.