Positivity Causes Success

People often encounter setbacks. The mentality is usually discouraged and loss of self-confidence, but if you still maintain a positive attitude, to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges, then you will have a better chance for success.

Positive Thinking

When you face difficulties, you should not feel discouraged, but find a way to solve the problems. The difficulty itself represents a growth opportunity. When you overcome it, we will turn into a better stage of life. The following is the seven kinds of attitude when you face difficulties.

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What are the examples of positive thinking?

How Maya Yoshida tells Southampton team-mates to stay positive in a footabll game.

Southampton have managed to win only one of their last nine matches and Maya Yosida thinks that unity rather than criticism will help them turn their season around.

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How Kathy McCarthy can stay positive having breast cancer.

Kathy McCarthy said “She got through this and hopefully it’s all behind us now, and the future will be nothing but bright.”

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Wild captain Mikko Koivu is a legend in positivity when handling offensive struggles.

To his credit, Koivu does so much for the Wild.

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How Rachael Caplan stay postive to fight the though disease.

Rachael Caplan went from articling at a law firm to bedridden after a disease which causes chronic pain spread to her entire body.

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Use energy to talk about popularity. Positive energy people will be baffled popularity!

I do not know if you observe those who have a good popularity.

What kind of common point do they have?

Why the response to the unpopular people are very different? 

Science has proved that the smallest component of any substance in the world is called energy. You will find that those who have a different person’s popularity, are full of positive energy. Positive energy does not represent you need to be bouncing around. Enlightenment and calm are the most energetic all positive energies. Just like self-confidence, not necessarily in some form of presentation, it will make you become attractive and distinctive.

If your heart is often filled with emotions like anger, inequality, jealousy, fear, pride, apathy, etc., you are often in a state by emitting negative energy. People do not want to approach those who are full of negative energy. But if you have an idea of insight, peace, love, Joy, thanksgiving, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, and so forth, you will naturally radiate positive energy and making people want to be close and want to talk to you.

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Benefit of positivity


Optimism protects the heart.

We usually define optimism as a positive attitude towards the future, but the meaning of optimism is more than that. This hopeful emotion is a coping mechanism in which a person who has always believed that things in life are going to be better will help him succeed in coping with the challenges of life.

More and more studies have shown that developing an optimistic personality helps protect the heart. According to 2012 of the literature, a lot of research suggests that optimism can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Optimism benefits not only protects the heart, it can also improve the health of the body in other ways such as improving the immune system and increasing life expectancy.

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Maintain a positive working attitude


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When we do something, succeed or not depends on whether we have a proactive attitude. Therefore, work attitude often determines everything.

Active and positive work attitude is the courage and a strong sense to take the responsibility. We establish a good professional ethics and cultivate a good professional quality to treat our work seriously and do the best.

1. Responsibility is the first factor in maintaining a positive attitude towards work.

Responsibility at work, for family and society is indispensable. The development of the society requires us to work hard to create greater benefits and give stability and happiness to our family in return.

2. Persistence is the second factor in maintaining a positive attitude towards work.

Work often encounter some unexpected difficulties. We cannot shrink. We can only move forward. Use our wisdom to overcome difficulties. This must have a spirit of perseverance.


Positive Working Attitude

You become better at work and reflect your value only by maintaining a positive working attitude. So positive work attitude is the key to a person’s success. In fact, whether in the work or in the study, live to maintain a positive attitude will allow you to achieve success in life.

People should learn to face life with a positive attitude which is a kind of tolerant and cheerful healthy psychological state. Because it will make you happy, it will push you forward and it will let you forget fatigue and anxiety.
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5 ways to improve negative work attitudes

What is a success triangle? Success Triangle = skill + expertise + attitude.

The most important and hardest to do one is “attitude”.


As you can imagine, as seniority increases skills and expertise naturally grows, but not “attitude”. The longer you work, the less positive your attitude is. It’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude towards your job.

Imagine that there are two people doing the same kind of work. One of whom is looking forward to working every day, but the other person feels that the job is not good.

Why do the same jobs get different feeling?

In fact, the work itself is not a necessary factor in determining whether we can enjoy our work, but rather our attitude towards work, which determines whether we can work happily every day.

Think again, some people suggest that you should do things differently. If you are not very active in changing the status quo, how much do you feel you will accept advice from others? No matter what skills and expertise we have, these skills and expertise cannot be stretched unless our attitude is to succeed.

Here are the five ways to improve your attitude if you feel negative at work:


Improve attitude

1. Be more concerned about others and be more interested in what they say and act.

2. Try to learn more about the ideas of others. Understand it’s difficult for others to change.

3. Respect others, should not have a level of preferences.

4. Try to help others.

5. Remind yourself that the reason for feeling negative at work is not the job or people but your attitude.

From now on, try changing the way you learn to use your willpower and sense of responsibility to keep your daily routine hot. If you look carefully at the attitude of your past work attitude, reassess and revise the way you work, then we will certainly enjoy it.

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