What is fear

Some people have certain degrees of fear for certain things, animals, and the environment. Some people are afraid of certain insects or animals. Some people are afraid to go to the open area. Some people are afraid to stay in a confined or cramped space such as lifts. Some people are afraid to attend social occasions. How should these feelings of fear overcome?

Often when we just think about the things we are afraid of, our attention will focus on the feeling of our fear. It becomes that the more afraid, the more we want to escape. However, the more we escape, we become more fearful, and finally form a vicious circle. The fear is like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger. When you feel the snowball of fear has become very large, your confidence and motivation will be reduced. Fear will weaken our self-confidence.



The reason why we are afraid of something is that we learn from past experience. For example, if you have a fear of speaking in a meeting or class, this may be due to a tense and embarrassing experience in the past. Because you fear this unpleasant experience will occur again, you will try to avoid speaking at meetings or in class, and thus deepen your sense of fear of public speaking.


Overcome fear

Therefore, to overcome fear, we must first face it rather than evade. If we can face the things or situations we fear, the feeling of fear will be reduced over time. Secondly, our thoughts will also affect our emotions and behavior. In psychology, these elements will affect each other. When we have negative thoughts about something or a situation such as I can’t control my fear this time, these negative thoughts deepen our sense of fear, helplessness, and reinforcement of our evasion.

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Why You Should Avoid Fear of Failure

Our fears play a big role in our lives. Fear of failure undermines of our ability to succeed.

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Conquer Fear

8 fears that successful entrepreneurs must overcome

Fear is the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs. If you want to succeed, you must overcome your fears. Every entrepreneur is an ordinary person. In order to achieve success, they have to fight every day with fear. Whenever they overcome a fear, they are one step closer to success.

1. Fear of failure

Failure is the most obvious fear for entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs never give up this fear, but use their energy to make themselves stronger. Failure is a good lesson.

2. Fear of lack of ability

Many people worry about whether they are good and smart enough to achieve their goals. Successful entrepreneurs are active learners who fill gaps in education. And they also use talent people to make up for their lack of ability.

3. Fear of marketing and sales

Although the practice of selling is a necessary condition for success, most people hate those salesmen. Successful entrepreneurs want their products and services to be the primary choice for the customers and they use marketing to effectively attract customers.

4. Fear of public speaking

Not every business owner is a natural preacher. Some people have great ideas, but it’s hard for them to express it in public. Successful entrepreneurs can share their ideas clearly, succinctly and efficiently. They know that only by showing self-confidence on the podium can allow them to inspire others to follow their vision.

5. Fear of leadership

Choosing to be a leader is heavier than being a boss or setting up a company. Successful entrepreneurs know that leadership is their top priority. They continue to learn, listen and sacrifice their own interests to ensure that the team that follows them continues to be inspired, motivated and rewarded for their efforts.

6. Fear of competition

The more you get, the more competitors are likely to be. Many people ignore potential competitors and are lost in later competitions. Successful entrepreneurs respect their opponents and learn from the competition. They create differentiated long-term strategies that make it hard for competitors to emulate.

7. Fear of time

Entrepreneurial prefers control, while time is one of the few things that cannot be controlled by them. Successful entrepreneurs understand that time is a constant and they use the power of time by increasing productivity and efficiency.


Fear of people

8. Fear of people and embarrassment

It’s proud to be entrepreneurs. They hate to be humiliated in front of everyone. Successful entrepreneurs know that showing proper humility is a reliable way to be respected.

Many entrepreneurs can do all the work themselves, but they won’t do that. Successful entrepreneurs understand that businesses need to attract, develop and retain outstanding talent. They will ensure that the Organization’s systems and culture are people-oriented.

Successful entrepreneurs devote their time and energy to understanding and improving themselves. Because they don’t want to make themselves a stumbling block on the road to success.

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Fear of Success

Do Not Let Fear of Failure destroy your passion

If you have something in your mind which you love to do, but aren’t doing because it’s a bit risky, that is losing something in your life.

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Breaking the cycle of unwarranted fear

No one likes to feel fear. In order not to let fear manipulates you, you must learn to replace toxic fear with real emotions. The Law of Attraction says that the more you think about something, the more it becomes part of your real life. So instead of trying to hide the fear, You should express your fear in the right way. We can’t change the behavior of others, but we can control our actions and thoughts.

  • Learn to look straight into fear
  • Affirm your own dignity and believe in yourself
  • To create an action-bearing idea

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Learn from Air Force Vet Push Through Fear of Failure

Benjamin Young took what he learned carrying out humanitarian missions in the military and applied it to starting a business.

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Winner and Loser

The difference between winners and losers – attitude

Any successful entrepreneur has gone through the process of failure. Most of these experiences are collapsing, but ultimately the key to distinguishing between successful people and the average person is not failure itself but the attitude of failure.

Don’t let fear limit your actions.

Failure stems from fear of the unknown and inaction. When the results are foregone, people often regret that they did not have more action before. For example, they were afraid to say what they thought when they were at a meeting, but when their colleagues offered similar ideas to be praised by the supervisors, they regretted it. The first step to overcoming fear is to ask yourself: what happens when this thing fails? Think of the consequences of failure all once and you will find that there is no nothing to lose. Then fear will be greatly reduced.

Focus on what you want to do, don’t waste your time on trifles.

Observe the people around us carefully. Some people are always busy. Having meeting and replying email, but how many actual output they have? Success is due to focus, time being used efficiently, not how much has been done. Look at your goals and explore what needs to be done to reach your goals. Find the core of the thing and don’t waste time on trifles.

Grasp the present, not regret the past.

We feel fail because of fear of regretting what we’ve done in the past, or worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet. When we do this, we lose the only one that is in our hands-now.


Confronting fear of success


Me confronting my fear of success. Head on.


Pursue the process of success, don’t try to seek the support of all

Don’t let fear of failure to stop you and don’t let anyone who opposes you to affect you. We cannot get all the people to support you on your path to success. Do not care about the views of those who are not worthy of attention and spend time with the worthy things.

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Fear of public speaking

10 Useful Tips to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

The average person ranks the fear of public speaking above death. Is this you? Follow these steps to crush your fears and get your point across.

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