What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Everyday?

Although sometimes life is tasteless, we still need to be positive. The decision is in your own hands. Ask yourself 10 questions a day and then fight!

If you want to get out of the routine, more relax, and start the day with a positive attitude, then it’s important to start the day in a way that asks yourself questions, which will give us energy and a good mood.

What questions should you ask yourself everyday?

1. What do I have?

Usually we will be distressed by what we do not have, but we cannot see what we have, such as health, being able to listen and see, love and be loved, as well as there is food for us to enjoy everyday and so on. As the word of mouth says: “Lost to know precious” and “Let’s get out of the mourning so that we can see what we have.”

2. Why should I be proud?

Be proud of what you have achieved. Achievements, no matter big and small, mean a step forward with every success. You can be proud of a challenge you’ve just overcome. You can be happy to help a stranger. You can smile for helping a friend. You can be happy to meet a new friend or read a new book. In short, everything is worth your pride.

3. What should I be grateful for?

There are many things that make us grateful every day, and there are a lot of people to be thankful for because they have taught us something invisibly. Every day of life is a precious gift for us.

4. How can I be full of energy?

Plan to do something positive every day to keep yourself energized. For examples, you can call people you’ve always admired but haven’t been in touch for a long time, you can say encouraging words to your colleagues, or you can set aside time to play with your children.

5. What problems can I solve today?

Try to solve the problems that you will want to leave until tomorrow to be solved today. Try to finish the work at hand on the same day, and dare to face those difficult problems and look at them in a different angle.

6. Can I put aside the burden of the past?

“The burden of the past” refers to the sad experiences and resentments that have accumulated over the years. What’s the use of carrying these heavy burdens of life? It is recommended that you make a summary of the past, save the lessons to learn from, and then remove the burden forever.

7. How do I view the problem from a different angle?

People often live with other people’s suggestions, but not their own. A lot of times, the fundamental problem is the way we look at things. A lot of people have experienced times when they are distressed by something and then feel ridiculous in the end. Sadness and joy are just different angles of our view of the problem.

8. How can I live today?

Do something different than usual. If we get out of the routine and learn to enjoy life, then life is rich and colorful. We must dare to create and innovate.

9. Who am I going to hug today?

Embrace is our spiritual food. A psychologist once said that to be healthy, hug at least eight times a day. Physical contact is the most basic human need, and it can even help us develop the brain.

10. Should I start taking action now?

Don’t think these are advice that just sound good, and don’t think life is hard. In fact, every day’s life is not what you think. Let the life becomes tasteless or positive, the decision is in your own hands. What do you lose when you try to live happily?

How to ask questions to yourself effectively?

It is a consensus that a person who has no goals will certainly be inefficient. Think of a person without a goal, do not know where they want to develop. At the end of the year, it can only be a confused year.

You may not have a goal every day, or you may not achieve your goal every day But your efforts will not be erased. If it’s just a matter of judging whether it’s right or not, it’s even more frustrating. Because of this judgment, it becomes either “Yes” or “No”. Once it is “No”, you will feel that your efforts have been in vain. And this simple judgment, and finally will cause your enthusiasm to set your goals to drop. That’s why many people’s annual plans are not achieved.

For example, if you make yourself a weight loss plan, the question is: Did you lose weight today? Either yes or no. If you answer yourself “No” in a few days in a row, your weight loss enthusiasm is probably gone.

If you use a question like “Have I tried my best”, it adds the “try” factor. This is a positive question instead of using a simple right or wrong judgment which is a negative one.

When you ask yourself with these positive questions, you will feel a sense of commitment to your goals. For example, ask yourself if you’ve tried to lose weight today. Say your plan is not to eat dinner, but you can’t help but eat some peanuts or a few cookies. It’s not going to be completely not losing weight, so you can give yourself the right scores. Let you have a positive motivation to do better tomorrow.

When you ask yourself the question of whether you will do your best today to set goals, you will give yourself the direction and effort to achieve the goals. Through this training every day, you will slowly improve your goal-setting behavior, and gradually turn setting goals into a habit.