11 things of Contentment in life

In fact, there are some things in life that do not have to be taken care of. The gains and losses of people in their whole life are like the sand they hold in their hands. But there is a thing that must be taking care of – yourself. Only in this way can they get more and find contentment.


Content is Wealth of Nature

1. Suffering

Some people in life are afraid to suffer, for example, the fear of buying expensive things. The average person thinks the suffering is the weak and the fool’s behavior.

But in the long run, the person who is willing to suffer shows honesty, better quality and more easily to obtain the other people’s trust. This optimistic and relaxed mentality keep themselves away from the tension and pressure.

2. Give up

People often need to make a choice when you walk at the crossroads of life. Every time you make a choice means you have to give up another.

You do not have to worry about whether to give up is correct, dare to give up is a kind of courage.

People who know how to give up appropriately are physically and mentally healthier than those who do not.

3. Drift

Walk and stop, you can get more life experience. Drift and stability, they are just two different ways of life.

4. Unemployment

One or two times the occasional unemployment is not all the despair. In Japan, there is a group of “Friends of the unemployed” for those who, after losing their jobs, encourage each other as a new opportunity in life. Unemployment also allows you to have time to rearrange yourself and start again.

5. Evaluation

Many people take into account too much about the views and evaluation of others, the result makes them very nervous and always seems to live for others.

In fact, you cannot focus on the matter itself because you see yourself too heavy. It is difficult to have big achievement. You should stick to your own ability to judge independently, and be able to withstand criticism and be tolerant of different views of others.

Be Content


6. Naive

Being said to be naïve, in a different perspective, in fact, this is a young and energetic affirmation. Mature represents steady and smooth, but also lost the simple and momentum.

So don’t mind being said you are naive, because when you come to a certain day by life arrogant and lethargic, you will certainly miss the naïve.

7. Failure

A failure does not mean that there is a failure of life. You should recognize clearly that failure is not a bad thing. You can have countless success with this failure experience.

People should not pay much attention to the failure itself, but should pay more attention to how to deal with the negative emotions caused by failure, so as to constantly improve themselves.

8. Frustration

Frustration is often accompanied by difficulties. The adversity of life is like the waves of the sea.

We must understand that a good life needs suffering, grasp the opportunities brought by adversity and seek breakthroughs in perseverance.

9. Salary

At a young age, especially after graduating from college, salary is not the most important. The opportunity is far more important than the salary.

For most people, it is better to do what you want before you are 30 years old than to give up your dream because you are blindly pursuing a high salary.

10. Deposit

Many people like to compare their savings. In fact, having large deposits is less realistic for young people, and on the contrary, their youth and opportunities are priceless. And for the elderly, save a part of the endowment of money, the other can go to do some investment and entertainment to enrich life.

11. Misunderstanding

A lot of misunderstanding in life, more or less will bring harm and inconvenience to oneself.

It is best to use objective criteria to measure the matter itself, and then to adhere to the attitude to find out the reasons for the misunderstanding, and choose to explain to each other.

If you do not want to explain, you can choose to be silent and calm. In short, do not value misunderstanding too much and increase your psychological burden.

When you face the contradictions in life, first of all, you should restrain their temper and avoid getting angry. You can eat a piece of sugar to solve anger, then find a trusted person to analyze the crux of the problem rationally and finally dissolve it in a peaceful or humorous manner.

Small contradiction is like life conditioner. It can be solved, so do not care too much.

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Positivity of contentment

When people see their desire is difficult to achieve, contentment can help suppress unrealistic desires. Such people generally will not insatiable, the mentality is very smooth and the days are peaceful. This kind of people don’t bother themselves. They don’t torture themselves.

In the event of a very intense competition, it can also enable some people to take it as a reason to withdraw from competition to reduce interpersonal conflicts. Also, because others see this kind of people do not have the threat of their interests, they won’t do anything harmful to this kind of people.

Put forward realistic goals for yourself. After the big goal is determined, the goal should be “decomposed” into small goals that can be achieved.

If you only have a impractical big goal which is impossible to achieve, you will be discouraged. However, if you can step by step to achieve the small goals, you will feel contented. In fact, you are in the constant self-motivation. The ability to adapt will also continue to improve over a long time.

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