When people are in special situations, such as at training sessions, many people subconsciously open the door. All kinds of desires and emotions are mobilized, and you will make the usual incredible decisions. At this time, the subconscious mind will directly make a judgment completely without the conscious reasoning and argument.

The subconscious mind responds quickly to information. It has its own rules of operation. When the subconscious energy is stimulated, all the actions of our consciousness in the outside world become rapid and powerful.

What is subconscious mind?

What is subconscious mind

Subconscious mind is the process of psychological activity that has occurred but has not reached the state of consciousness, and together with the explicit consciousness, it constitutes all the psychological activities and the cognitive activities of human beings. They determine two different, but interactions, patterns of behavior.

There is a phenomenon among people with perennial driving experience who think while driving, but that doesn’t make them drive safely, and in fact they don’t realize they’re driving, and that’s how the subconscious works. It’s subconscious to see a woman knitting a sweater in her hand, or doing something in hand, and communicating with you smoothly commanded.

Our subconscious helps us deal with most of the problems in our work life, and people’s athletic skills, whether gymnastics or diving, come from our subconscious.

How to use subconscious mind to solve problems?

Mastering the rules of subconscious operation can help problem solving.

Human inspiration in the field of art, whether painting, sculpture, music and so on, will only be found in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the source of all creativity.

A proper understanding of the subconscious mind allows us to gain sustained energy to create and renew our ideas and to reverse our poverty and mediocre status quo.

The difficulties of life often come from the lack of self-awareness, do not know their own interests, do not know what is the right concept. And ideas come from the subconscious mind.

The results we get can all come down to the operation of energy. Our inner energy is controlled by thought, and when one’s subconscious is mobilized by thought, great energy erupts.

What we want to mobilize is the positive energy in the subconscious, the mind that focuses on all the energies, the most concentrated energy.

What we feel, or make some kind of judgment, the taste, morality, our wisdom, our dreams, is the result of the subconscious that has formed in our past life experiences, which contain all the information we have acquired and affect every aspect of our lives.

We can’t control most of our physical functions, but we can be trained to feel and think about the world under the guidance of the subconscious.

Subconscious Healing

Find the source of the behavior projection hidden in the subconscious corner.

The subconscious level of man stores many things, including things that have been forgotten for a long time by the sense of the table, all the patterns of behavior established in childhood, the injuries that have been suffered, and so on. These still exist deep in your heart, and they emerge from time to time and affect your present life, or make you fear, or make you persistent.

Because these things have been accumulated in the body can not be released, many people’s subconscious has become a storeroom of negative emotions, memories, energy.

The past of childhood may have long been forgotten by the conscious, but it is still hidden in a hidden corner of our subconscious. Just as there is a black dot in front of the flashlight, as soon as the flashlight is turned on, the black dot casts a shadow to the target ahead. This black dot at the source of the projection can affect your behavior from time to time, even if it often seems irrelevant, and that’s how you live.complex and heavy hidden reasons.

One way psychologists treat patients is to show you childhood pasts that have been forgotten by the mind, from the hidden corners of the subconscious. There’s nothing scary about letting you see them, it’s scary about your childhood cognition, and now you’re strong enough to overcome it, let it see the sun and dissolve it. Thus, projected into the current behavior of the species. An abnormal shadow disappears.

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4 roles played by the subconscious mind

4 roles played by the subconscious mind


The subconscious mind is like a faithful servant who faithfully executes the commands of his master.

The human mind is like a subconscious filter through which only ideas that are important to you can pass through and enter your subconscious.

As a loyal servant, the subconscious does not question whether the instructions you issue are right or wrong, true or false, whether they are moral, ethical, and he will only execute them, not turn.

Subconsciously like a strict judge, he does not speak the face, all in accordance with the provisions of the law, he is protecting you at the same time punish you, the good news is all caused by yourself, he only enforces the judgment.

To get its protection, be sure to enter good, benign terms into your table meaning (the law-setger), which will have amazing results.

The subconscious mind is like a ruthless traitor who hides your inner secret through your unconscious behavior, dreams, drunk words, mouth mistakes, pen errors, self-talk and small movements. There used to be a lot of people who worked as spies who lost their lives because they were subconsciously betrayed.

The subconscious mind is your weather forecaster, able to detect errors in front of time. When I look at the room before I go on a business trip, my eyes fall on something that is certainly needed most on the road, and the subconscious can help people make the right decisions by scanning the environment to assess the possible consequences of taking action.

Some indigenous tribes in Indonesia we’re able to predict the arrival of the tsunami, keeping themselves out of danger, while those who encountered the tsunami were unable to flee early. Psychologist Jung points out: “Developed willpower deprives modern people of the ability or means to act instinctively or unconsciously, and Westerners are more likely to reason, even if in some cases they are large.”The subconscious in the brain has informed the existence of danger, but the consciousness has corrected itself. “

Subconscious mind example

A 75-year-old widow, hoping to find a marriage partner in her later years, kept saying to herself, “I’m what each other wants, I’ve married a gentleman and I’m living a happy life.” “Soon there was a warm feeling in her heart, and she really felt that she was really in love with each other.

Half a month later, someone introduced her to the landlord of a pharmacy at Crossroads. The old man was kind, considerate and religious. Less than a week into each other’s relationship, the 75-year-old woman was given a diamond ring… She accepted the proposal.

This is a story of using the subconscious to realize the dream in your heart.



Most people’s behavior is determined by the reality of the difficulties, which is the obvious consciousness at work. Consciousness functions in the world through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind. We reason, analyze, identify, and make choices, and thus produce certain ideas, all of which are conscious abilities.

Knowing this, we can use consciousness to guide subconscious activities. It can be understood that the conscious consciousness is the periphery of our consciousness, the subconscious is the deepest part of our consciousness, we are protected by the reason of the conscious consciousness, the conscious can determine the input of information, to avoid the subconscious to accept museum information, affecting our behavior.

Just because the subconscious does not have the ability to reason, is an instinctive response to all the information and ideas previously accepted, once we accept the wrong one-sided idea, the subconscious will come to the wrong conclusion and influence us, and let us make the wrong behavior.

It is very important for the subconscious to enter positive and correct information and ideas, and we rely on our conscious mind to control the subconscious.

After mastering the rules of subconscious operation, as long as we hold positive thinking, we will find another way to solve the life problems we encounter.