Should I do something without return?

Since ancient times, “there must be a return for giving” and also “harvest with a piece of hard work”. We have long been familiar with these inspirational sayings. But things often go contrary. Giving does not necessarily have a return and hard work does not necessarily have a harvest. Should I do something without return?

You should do what you’re really interested in and do it without mentally asking for a return. You have to work hard first. When you’re good enough, everything you want will come naturally. More expensive than money is time, more expensive than time is focus.

If I ask you, what are you missing most now? About 80% of people would answer a word: money! Yes, the economy determines the superstructure, and nothing can be done without money. But do you know how to keep getting money? Read the following article, perhaps you can understand the mystery.

In this impetuous society, making a lot of money seems to have become everyone’s goal. But the reality is often the opposite. Wake up early, sleep late and work hard, but ultimately did not make a lot of money.

Let me tell you a few stories, perhaps after reading you will come to realize the truth.

Do what you like to do

Many people know that it’s easier to succeed to do what they’re interested in and love, but things don’t turn out the way you want. One of the most important reasons is that they are not doing what they like at all. In other words, they do what they think they love and actually don’t love. What does that mean?

In fact, it means: “You don’t even know what you really like.”

We can apply two formulas to judge whether we really like a thing.

First: when you are doing a thing, you have reached the point of sleepless and forget to eat.

The great inventor Edison once invited a friend to dinner at home. After the friend came home, he suddenly had an inspiration, and went upstairs to the room to do the experiment. Because his friend had waited for a long time and hadn’t seen Edison come down, he just finished all the meals and left without saying goodbye to Edison.

Soon after Edison went downstairs to eat and saw a pile of chicken bones spat on the table. He scratched his head and said to himself: “Oh, I have eaten already.” And then he went back to do the experiment.

Second: knowing that there is no monetary reward for doing it, but still happy to do it.

There are many writers, including me did not intend to rely on writing articles to make money. So I did not carry out any promotion. Because I only have one idea – with all my energy to write each article first.

At first I used all my spare time to learn and write. No matter how serious I wrote, no one sees it but I don’t care. Of course, I will be happy if someone praises the articles I’ve written. But I feel that life is very adequate. Every time I write an article, I always feel a heat flow in my body.

“Sometimes the more you do something without a purpose, the more you get”

If I think from the first day of writing as a tool for cashing in, writing articles deliberately to cater to the reader’s point of view, or to catch social hot spots to write eye-catching articles, or just focus on how to do publicity, rather than write original content, I may not feel adequate in my life.

The nature of making money depends on how much value you can offer to others.

For example, when doing the same job and encountering difficulties, if your colleague can solve the problem, but you can’t solve it, then he is more valuable than you.

So you can only make more money if you’re worth enough. So please do a good job without asking for return first, good luck will always be here.

Many people think of making a lot of money every day, but they don’t want to slow down and improve their abilities. How can they make money?

Slow down

Slow down

In fact, many people understand that they need to improve their ability to earn more money, and do not rush. But if we do anything with the goal of making money fast, then we will not make money.

I have a very strong career minded friend. He worked to earn money before graduated. His first job was to work in a glass factory through his father’s relationship, and later he felt he made too little and so quit his job to start a business. People who own a business know that entrepreneurship is very hard. In fact, my friend works hard. Can hard working make any money?

I only know that for so many years he has been frequently change projects. He started the travel agency in the first half of the year of the travel agency, then changed to ecommerce business in the second half of the year. He then changed to water manufacturing business in the following year. He was selling seafood afterward.

He always went to do the project that he thought could make quick money. He tried a year or so and if he did not make money, then he changed to another project. He obviously has a shortsighted vision and just looking only for a fast return.

Shareholders or people in the financial industry know that as long as they are buying the right share, they will be earning a good profit in the long-term by holding it for a long time. The rate of return is absolutely better than any other investments.

But how many more people can wait? Such a boring and long-term adherence and can not see the return in the short-term. Even if they believe that there will be a very substantial return in the future, few people are willing to stick to it.

Many people would rather have a monthly return of $200 than $5,000 a year later. That’s why speculators often sell shares with just a little gain and regret after seeing the share price keep raising. They like short-term speculation, and hate long-term investment. How to make a lot of money with that short sight?

This society has been too impetuous. Many people are rushing on the road when driving. Many people want to see immediate return for any investment. Many people just look at the immediate salary when changing jobs. These are typically short-sighted and no planning. Even if they make a lot of efforts, it is difficult to make a lot of money.


With the rapid rise of the media over the past decade, the career of freelancers soared to the top of the list of happy occupations. More and more young people also began to quit their jobs and worked from home as freelancers. They didn’t need to get to work on time and also didn’t need to look at the boss’s face. They can wake up anytime they want. It sounds like a perfect lifestyle.

But is that really the case? Let’s not say that very few freelancers can feed themselves. The few successful ones that still survive are actually highly focused and focused on only doing one thing.

In fact, they all have a skill in a particular area. They just won’t tell you that what you can make money is actually a fulcrum of it. They also won’t tell you to focus on one thing, and so to complete that thing before doing other things.

True freelancers are experts who focus on one area, and became experts because they focus on only one thing every day.

If you want to make a lot of money, you have to be an expert in an area. If you want to be an expert in an area, you have to be focused. You have to be very successful in one area before you have the capital to go into another area.

Don’t worry about spending money

Do you really think I write all articles just from my inspiration?

Although many years of study, now the knowledge update iteration is too fast. The previous knowledge can only be done on the basis. If I don’t keep adding new knowledge every day, I can’t write anything useful.

This half year I spent all my spare time to learn and write. I read about 14 million words of related content, only to write a few articles. This is the time and energy to pay.

And of the 14 million words, the paid content makes me gain the most. The Internet makes it cheaper for us to acquire knowledge, and free knowledge tends to vary in quality, while content that is charged is more valuable. For examples, I paid for audio content, paid for live courses, and paid for paper books. The content of these charges is much better than those free content.

In terms of investing in yourself, don’t worry about spending money. All charges that are helpful to you must be willing to spend money in exchange.

Sometimes, the loss of those dozens of dollars of investment may result in the loss of a multi-million chance in the future. In the future, the real knowledge of gold content is exchanged for money. If everything is free, there won’t be so many people producing it, and we won’t see anything really valuable.

The biggest driving force for development comes from the desire for knowledge, and never be stingy about investing in your own knowledge and thinking. Because after the knowledge is transformed into potential energy in the future, it will benefit you.