Do you often feel that you are so tired after you get off work? You are too lazy to do anything, so you just want to watch TV or play mobile phone to spend your night? Today I will share with you what my day looks like, how to manage your time well in the case of a regular job, and even start a business in your spare time.

If today you are a full-time employee, student or even mom and dad like me, I will share 5 of my time management principles with you, and will also introduce you the methods and tools, as well as how to arrange your time efficiently.

Start A Business With Regular Job? 5 Time Management Tips You Need

Arrange Your Time Efficiently by having a good start

First of all, I get up around eight every day. After drinking water and washing face, I will sit down and meditate for 10 minutes.

I like to listen to some comforting music at this time. Let my day start with calm, and then, I will do the exercise for 20 minutes. If the weather is OK, I will go to a hillside behind the house for a walk. If the weather is bad, I will do yoga at home.

After finishing, I will take a quick shower, change clothes and start reading. I only read 20 minutes. I like reading books when eating breakfast. The alarm clock will be rung after 20 minutes. I will go brushing my teeth. That will be about 9 o’clock, this is when I start work.

Pause here

Did you find out something? I will definitely not look at the phone in the morning, because this is my new good habit. I must show off here 🙂

I used to always play my phone when I wake up. I always thought that makes me better sober, but it is easy to unknowingly waste a lot of unnecessary time back to the message or watch the news.

Then I later found out that in fact, I don’t have to confirm any super invincible emergency. After all, no matter how urgent, it has been waiting for 8 hours (the whole night). Waiting for another hour will not make any difference

So a few months ago, I began to turn my mobile phone into Airplane Mode during sleep. So when I was waken up by the alarm clock, I only look at the time. I will not see a lot of messages from last night and accidentally start replying.

So, can you challenge yourself not to play your mobile phone when you get up in the morning?

Next, I’ll start busy with the Go Set Mind website work, depending on the day of the week, which will determine whether I am busy that day to write on the blog.

To this side you might think:

What about your full time job? Didn’t you get up early and start working?

One of the special reasons I have here is that because I’m working the late shift. So, in the morning, I chose to work on my blog first, and then, around 1 p.m., I’ll start going to work.

So contrary to your calendar, you may be off work at 5 or 6 o’clock to start doing the relevant refresher study, I am moving these things in the morning.

You might be thinking: my time is not as flexible as yours. The full time job alone will take me a lot of time. I will be so tried after work. Is such a management style  very unrealistic?

So, I’m here to share a few tips on my time management, and whatever type of work you’re doing today, you can use it on yourself.

My five tips for time management

Five Tips for Time Management to Start a Business:

1. Clear what is an important event, what is an emergency triviality

Generally speaking, when you see “urgent” things, you will want to do first. But I want to reverse your idea today. I am talking here the emergency, of course, not just that your home is on fire, or someone has the kind of emergency for personal safety.

Instead, if you get up early and see the message from your supervisor, you think he’s in a pressing way, so you’re going to reply him or her immediately. But when you start dealing with something you think is “urgent,” your time will be unknowingly worn out.

There is another characteristic of what seems “urgent”, which is to be able to “deal with it right away”, such as a simple email reply, a simple message reply immediately. In contrast, “important” things will appear more time-consuming and cannot be completed immediately, but many people are stuck in this, so those “more important” things have been dragged down.

So what’s the big deal for me? What is an emergency trivia?

In my life, my love, my health, my knowledge, my personal career, my heart, these things are No.1 important. Only after those will be my job, my appearance, what happens in the world, what the world does, what’s going on in social media, and the needs of others.

So if there’s a reader asking me questions or colleagues’ messaging me, I’ll definitely not do these things the first in the morning (I’ll look at all these until the afternoon). If the first thing you do is not the most important thing in the morning, you’ll have no energy to come back and finish it.

So, get up early in the morning, I will first drink water and wash my face, do meditation, exercise, reading, because you clearly know that these things are very important. In the long run, self-investment is really the most important

Clearly this is so important, why don’t you do it first? After all, if you don’t do it first, you’re less likely to have that energy after a busy day, right?

Similarly, things move to work and career. With this stage of the goal, what is your most important thing this quarter? Maybe it’s making money, maybe it’s growing, maybe it’s readers’ interaction, or it’s just setting up your own website. Just figure out what’s “most important” and then do it right away, even if it’s just a little bit.

So, put your work in order is invincible important. I also recommend that you do not get up early to start the work messaging. If you want to commute, I suggest you reading or listening to the radio, until you arrive at the company. After settling your desk with a coffee, then complete the first thing: identify what is important and complete that important thing. After that, deal with the urgent trifle.

2. Clearly write down what to do on the day and prioritize

I write down what I’m going to do very clearly every day, because I find that if I don’t write, I seem to spend too much time thinking about what I’m going to do next. I’ll accidentally start dealing with trivial chores. So take a piece of paper or open a form and clearly list what you’re going to do that day.

However, not only to write down what to do, I will also arrange the order. If you feel necessary, you can also write down the point in time. Because when I do the order arrangement, I will use the first point of skill. I will know what is important, what should be done, what is not so urgent?

That’s why I’m productive, because I’ll always do things that make the website grow, not the inconsequential thing.

3. List your theme day

This one is simple and fun.

I encourage you to set up your own theme day, maybe Monday is Yoga Day, Tuesday is Language Learning Day, Wednesday is Writing Day, Thursday is the day sell the courses you produce, Friday is the day to go to the relevant workshop and make friends. So that you have different themes every day, every day will be fun.

4. Do one thing at a time

I don’t jump around in many different tasks. That is, I don’t write email when checking social media, or when writing blogs. I think I’m very efficient and fast, and a lot of it is thanks to that.

So, in fact, when I am working, the phone will be silent. I have trained myself to full of willpower. Even if I hear the sound from the phone, I can also ignore it. I will check until the work is completed.

You may be thinking, “But I work in the office, I’m constantly disturbed”. If that’s the case, I suggest you wear headphones and listen to music that won’t interfere with your work. Or if your office has different spaces, temporarily go to work in another room (I used to run to nobody’s conference room when I used to work in the office). If the supervisor suddenly comes to you, politely say to him or her, “Give me five minutes” and complete your current work as soon as possible.

5. Make good use of time management tools

My own time management tool, called Toggl, tracks how much time I spend doing every job and can be used simultaneously on my computer and on my phone.

If you often don’t know where your time is going? I suggest you get into the habit of tracking your time, especially at work.

How long does it take you to write a blog post or any task involved in the business? I suggest you to build your own database, because when a keyword comes out in the future, such as “blog post”, you probably know, “I’m going to do this for two hours today”. Because you’ve had experience in the past, you know how long it’s going to take. You will be less likely to estimate the wrong time. It can also reduce the chance of overtime.

If you want to track how much time you spend on your phone a day, there’s an app called “Moment” that records which apps you pick up several times a day, a few minutes at a time, and which apps are used (the results are more scary than you think).

Time Management: Money is spent the important things, and time is the same

A lot of people tell me that they don’t have enough time. How is it going to be to have a little more time? We will never actually have a little bit of time. Everyone has 24 hours a day. No one has more time, but where do you spend your time? How do you use it? This is very important.

If you have a regular job, can you start a business in your spare time? Absolutely, you just need to understand the good use of time, and to know where your time is used. You will find that you absolutely have the time. You just accidentally use it on less important things, like money. Where did you spend the money? It’s up to you to judge and to determine what can push you forward and what will slow you down.