Why did you get divorced?

Now, the divorce rate is climbing, many couples cannot be bald because of a variety of reasons. Both sides feel bad during divorce. Many people actually can’t understand why their marriage will fail. They do not know that the problem has already existed, but they did not solve it in time. Let’s take a look the signs causing divorce. If you can recognize the problem and eradicate before you regret.

1. Lack of communication

Marriage does not necessarily mean that couples have the same opinion, and sometimes disagreements are common when arguing. However, couples cannot avoid discussing problems because they are afraid of getting more and more noisy. If so, it means that you have completely given up on your partner. Silence does not solve the problem. Try to find an event, communicate calmly, and find out where the problem lies.

2. Addiction

One of the most common problems is that one side is addicted. Whether it’s alcoholism, drug addiction, or surfing the internet all day, you are not caring your partner. You need to communicate with each other and solve the problem. It’s difficult to solve this problem if you put it aside for a long time.

3. Workaholic

Although working hard is good for work, it’s not worth the impact of marriage. If you think it’s better to spend time with your computer than your partner, it’s a precursor to divorce. Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling more lonely, tell your partner as soon as possible.

4. Demanding

If you want your partner to look bright every time, it’s really annoying. If you’re always picky about the outfit, it’s likely that the problem is not that simple, and you’re actually dissatisfied with your marriage.

Another sign of demanding is to always compare your partner with others. If this happens, the problem is worse than you think.

Divorce impace

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5. Get in touch with Ex

If your partner starts contacting their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend again with no special reason, it may be because they feel lonely in this marriage and need someone else’s attention.

6. Secret

Marriage requires trust. If your partner has recently been secretive about not letting you touch his/her cell phone, that might be a precursor to the problem. He/she might be hiding you from something.

7. Lost enthusiasm

Married couples should not only exercise their rights but also fulfill their obligations. Many couples begin to lose their passion for affection after spending years together. If your partner bores you, or if you’re arguing over trifles, it’s time to step back and try to ignite the fire again, and think about when you first fell in love.

8. Cheating

If your partner betrays marriage and infidelity, your marriage must be problematic. Often, cheating is the major reason for divorce.

9. Financial issues

You don’t need to be a billionaire to have love. But if you have a financial problem with your family, it will definitely affect your marriage. Before the problem is getting serious, ask the financial advisor to solve the financial problem.

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Don’t Blame Yourself for the failure of Marriage

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3 Simple Things to Avoid Divorce


Before considering divorce and struggling with the stress, you and your partner should considering how to avoid divorce. There are 7 tips that advised by foxnews.com and I would like to share 3 tips of them here which I think are the most effective.

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Divorce can have a big impact on children


Divorce affect Children

For children, the family is the center of his life, father and Mother are the most important people in their life. Divorce for them means losing the existing state of life. Some studies also point out that children raised in divorced families do have a higher probability of depression or emotional and behavioral problems, and a higher chance of divorce in adulthood. But there are still many children under divorce have developed well, without any mental health or behavioral problems.

The important thing is in cooperation and respect with each other, consider the needs of children, and make the best decisions for children

Source: https://counselingliu.com/

Impact on children

Divorce impact children

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1. Children tend to form serious personality flaws.

We all know that parents are children’s first teachers. Divorce brought to their children the incomplete personality impact and education, which undoubtedly caused serious adverse effects in the child’s character formation. Such adverse effects will often cause serious personality defects.

2. Inferiority, lack of life and learning confidence.

The broken family casts a shadow on their hearts, which leads them to lose their confidence in life and study and form an inferiority complex in all aspects. Because of not feeling the warmth of the family and vulnerable to outside bad behaviors, the behavior of antisocial tendencies and antagonism is more serious. They have a noticeable decline in their life attitude and learning status, and even get acquainted with the bad people.

3. Interpersonal relationship is not good.

There are many examples of divorced families and children whose emotions have undergone major changes. After their parents divorced, they showed that they were timid, withdrawn, irritable, extremist, and unbelieving, which directly affected their interactions with their classmates, teachers and friends, resulting in the decline of their ability to deal with people and more difficult to find lover in the future.

Source: https://kknews.cc/psychology/8553boq.html


Divorce impact on Daughter

Research found that the impact on daughter is more serious

Mustonen and his colleagues (2011) conducted a 16-year database study that collected the parents’ marital status of 1471 teenage girls and then tracked their emotional and marital status at age 32 and their current partner. They found that:

1. 53% of the people have been married, and 5% of them have been married after divorced. Those whose parents divorced before the age of 16 were more likely to get divorced than others when they were adults. 

2. When parents were divorced, the quality of their relationships was also poor, but such a phenomenon only occurred in females.

3. In addition to the direct effect, there are also some indirect effects. If a girl’s parents’ divorce, then the relationship between she and her parents will be poor, and it also affects her self-esteem and interpersonal relationships, so that her adult love situation will be worse.


Divorce impact on Children


Why is this situation only happening to girls?

At the end of the paper, a possible explanation is that, in general, children whose parents are divorced, are usually raised by their mothers. Because the daughter live with their single mother for a long time, the daughter is easy to identify with the role of their mother and “copy” their mother’s life.

Source: http://www.businessweekly.com.tw/article.aspx?id=16769&type=Blog


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