What is Schedule

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of production management, how to plan the production of pre-set time, order, different products, volume of the connection, etc. All those are the matter or central content of scheduling. The production activity of an enterprise is a wide-ranging and complex system.

In order for the system to operate smoothly, it will have to have a systematic production schedule and arrangement to provide the basis for each department production. All departments and even full operation may be orderly and efficient because of that.


Successful People Schedule


How do successful people schedule

Airbnb CEO David Chesky


Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky uses every morning to focus on what really matters.

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Bill Gates and Elon Musk have similar scheduling habit


What do these two tech moguls have in common?

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Scheduling tips from The Muse founder Kathryn Minshew

Let’s take a look at how The Muse founder Kathryn Minshew answered to the questions asked by entrepreneur.com.


Scheduling apps

Schedule apps:

1. Coach Me: https://www.coach.me/

Core function: Habit formation

Support: Andriod, IOS

Form: First, the establishment of a custom interface will not be doped with social functions. Second, able to choose coaches to guide (free first week).


  • Automatically pop up the Settings window after selecting the task. You can set the completion frequency, reminder time and whether to choose the coach
  • Some tasks (sports class, fitness Class) will have tips
  • Click on the specific interface of the task to see the user’s question and answer, forming the atmosphere
  • After completing the task will appear a High Five window. The words task completed will be vaibrated. It’s very funny


  • The Add Task key at the top right is small which is inconvenient
  • The process for setting up a task is too long


2. MinimaList: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minimalist-task-reminder-to-do-list/id993066159?mt=8

Core functions: Tasks rather than event management

Support: IOS

Form: Home page is the use of the description. Slide down to add a matter. A reminder of “stay focused” will be appeared at the start of the event. After that, you can no longer use the other features of the app, but you can exit and use other apps.


  • Easy to use


  • Missing event reminders
  • It only forces not to use an app is not enough. It’s better if it can force not to use of the mobile phone


3. Balanced: http://www.balanced.org.au/

Core function: Habit formation

Support: Andriod, IOS

Form: Slide down from Home page to choose or create the habit you want to form (only 5 categories of novice users, can have more after the upgrade, and can track the completion of the situation). Right swipe to complete and left swipe to skip.


  • Jump to the set interface after creating the habit, you can choose the frequency of completion (once a day, etc.)
  • Tasks are shown by small icon and text which is very clear.


  • No time setting and no reminder function
  • Cannot set priority
  • Can be shared to Twitter, FB and other platforms, but cannot be done directly after the task is done. You need to share through the settings. The overall sharing function is weak.


4. Productive: http://productiveapp.io/

Core function: Habit formation

Form: Slide down from Home page to add habit. Similar to Balanced app, a complete unit is a week.


  • No need to log in but there is also no sharing function. You can focus on developing your own habits.
  • Jump to the set interface after creating the habit, you can choose the frequency of completion (once a day, etc.)
  • Tasks are shown by small icon and text which is very clear.


  • You need to type in habit. Unlike the above apps which provide auto suggestion.
  • Cannot set priority.
  • Time reminder only shows day and night. Also, it is not be displayed on the Home page which is not practical.

Source: https://www.zhihu.com/question/21745931


Meeting Scheduling

Meeting Scheduling makes simple – Google

The decision-making process of the online meeting not only can achieve the same result as the traditional meeting, but also can remove the unnecessary process and time waste in the traditional meeting. It makes the meeting concise and more efficient.


Google Calendar

The most troublesome to host a meeting in the enterprise is to gather all people at the same time. If the meeting time is not fixed, often the people need to be asked repeatedly to attend the meeting. Both the time of people and the availability of meeting rooms are also problems.

But that’s not going to happen to Google when everyone uses Google Calendar. As long as colleagues are included in the “Work scheduling calendar” access through the Google Calendar, they at a glance can confirm which time period, who is free, which meeting room to use. Also, they can facilitate the scheduling of meeting hours. In addition, the Google Calendar can also set a deadline to remind the parties when to participate in the meeting, complete the project and other day-to-day activities to avoid omission.


Google Document

In many cases, when an enterprise wants to publish an external document, it may have to finish the first edition by the person in charge. Then convene a meeting to find the relevant staff for discussion, and after obtaining opinions, revise and complete the second edition. A document must be made several rounds to make a final version.

However, with Google documents, the person responsible for completing the first edition will put the file on the internet and grant the permission to all the related colleagues.

They can review, revise and comment directly into the document online together. There are records to chase which person has done which part of the modification. It saves a lot of time for documents transfer.


Google Sites

For example, you can search for a variety of work priorities and progress of the situation by putting Google Calendar into your website. You can make the site into an information publishing by adding Google Documents into your site. You can also embed video in the web page to turn it into a platform for sharing the message. Leveraging the collaboration platform allows everyone to have a common information-sharing pipeline and make the project work more smoothly.

Source: https://www.managertoday.com.tw/articles/view/4602


Employees tracking and scheduling

Employee time tracking and scheduling app – Intuit


Financial software giant Intuit has announced plans to acquire TSheets.

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Predict future resource management – Presource

With Presource, you can assign Resources, measure utilization and plan wisely


PreSource is a platform designed for schedule sharing and predicting the future of a company’s work output.

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Production scheduling

5 Extra tips for Production scheduling

Production scheduling is a bit different from if you schedule other businesses. But the concept is the same – well-planned.

There are lots of challenges you’ll face once production begins.

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