Law of attraction secret

What exactly is this secret?

This secret allows you to get everything you want, including health, happiness, and wealth. It is the law of attraction. You’re like a magnet that draws things with the same frequency of energy to real life.

What happens in life is what you attract. Everything you think about will be drawn to real life.

The Secret of the Law of Attraction

Principles of the Law of Attraction

Most people think about things they don’t want, and in the end they wonder why what they don’t want will happen again in life.

The law of attraction doesn’t care if you feel good or bad, whether you want something or what you want, it just responds to your idea. There is no difference between good and evil in the universe, so when you express what frequency, what is attracted is what kind of thing.

If you focus on the piles of debt and feel like you’re in a bad mood, that’s your message to the universe, “Wow, I’m in a bad mood because I owe a lot of money.” “You’ve always thought that debt is felt at every level of your life, and you’re going to have more debt.”

If you focus on something you don’t want, like, you’re always thinking, “I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to be late…” You’re actually shouting to the universe to let this happen. On the contrary, if I think about it, “I can arrive on time.” I’m glad I arrived on time! “。 Well, the “arrival on time” result will be attracted to me.

The law of attraction will give you the things you want, so if you complain about how bad things are, it will only attract more bad things into your life. Focusing on unwanted things will only make it happen earlier.

If our positioning is positive, we often attract positive people, good things and environments. If we are positioned negatively and angry all the time, it often attracts negative, angry people, and negative environments.

You will find that the law of attraction is omnipresent and that everything is attracted to you. Whether it’s the people around you, your job, the environment you live in, your health, your wealth, or debt, your joy, the car you drive, your circle of contacts, it’s all you’re attracted to. You’re like a magnet, what you want will attract. Your life is all in your head.The material experience of the idea.

Quantum physics has discovered that it is impossible to construct the universe where ideas exist. In fact, thought constructs everything we come into contact with. The scientific community has shown that positive thinking is hundreds of times more effective than negative thinking.

Think positive

How do you keep thinking positive?

Our mood is a good feedback mechanism, it can let us know whether their situation is good or bad, whether it is off the direction. Emotions are an incredible gift we have, and it lets us know what we’re attracting. If you are in a good mood, then you are creating an ideal life for yourself. The future you create will run counter to your ideals.

Good feelings: full of excitement, joy, gratitude, love, as long as you live in this kind of emotions every day, you will continue to make the good feelings and things that make you happy and attract edgy to you. If you live in fear, you will attract more worry and fear into your life.

Your thoughts and feelings today are creating your future.

Happy days, sad days, rich people getting richer, poor people getting poorer, it all depends on what kind of mood you’ve been feeling for a long time.

Now start to feel healthier, or feel rich, and you can start to feel surrounded by love, whether or not it exists in reality. The universe will then respond to your inner feelings and reveals them as facts.

It’s really important to feel good, because it’s like sending a signal to the universe, and then it’s going to attract more good feelings in your life. So the better you feel, the more you feel, the more things that make you feel good, and then keep you in a state of excitement.

When you are in a bad mood, you can do something to change your mood. For example, listen to the music. It will change your mood. Or think of something beautiful to let the good feeling continue. Focus on the things that make you feel good and make sure your mood is better.

How do I apply the law of attraction?

In three steps:

Step 1: Ask

Give instructions to the universe to let the universe know what you want, and the universe will automatically respond to your thoughts.

What exactly do you want? Sit down and write it down on paper, write it in the present, and you can start by writing, “I’m happy and grateful…” And then explain what kind of life you want, and write down every prayer.

“If this is in my best interest, please let me go/own/get/can…”

Why add “if this is in my best interest”? This is because our own demands are not entirely in our best interests.

For example, if my wish is to live with whom. Well, the universe will promise you. Later you may find that the person is not as good as he thought, or not as fit for him as you think. After spending a lot of time and feelings of each other, but not happy, and finally broke up.

The universe knows how it will be in your best interest. So in some cases, our requirements don’t need to be too detailed, for example, if we want a marriage, we don’t ask the universe to give me that person. It’s enough to just ask the universe to “please let me have a happy marriage.”

The same is true of other situations. Don’t give the universe “I’m going to be like that”, because in that way, it limits the universe can’t give you a better one. But only the universe knows what will be in your best interest – it may be the one you want, or it may be better.

Step 2: Feel

You have to believe that you already have it. To have an unshakable belief, the universe will begin to work in order to satisfy your wishes.

Imagine, feel that the results you want and you have got it achieved! How would that feel? You will be in the process to feel happy and joyous. This is important. Because when you feel good, you put yourself and what you want on the same frequency. With frequency resonance, this frequency will attract the same frequency results you want.

Feel after a while, put down and don’t expect anything. Later, you can imagine and feel this feeling that you have and have achieved again as reinforcement. If you’re unconsciously having expectations and doubt, immediately replace these with the previous joyous feeling that you have already had. Why replace “expectation”? Because the frequency of expectations will only continue to attract the condition of expectations. The same is true for “doubt”.

Step 3: Action

The universe will give you the inspiration and opportunity you need. Do whatever excites you and makes you feel good. Whatever you can do, just do it. It helps to attract these things.

As long as you act, inspiration and opportunity will take you to the result you want to achieve.

As long as what you do is based on the premise of “love” and “oneness”, consistent with the direction in which the universe achieves this desire, you will feel very happy. The universe likes to act quickly. Don’t procrastinate, Don’t be afraid. When opportunities arise and when intuition, inspiration, opportunity comes, you have to act right away.

How long does this process take?

It depends on whether you and the universe are consistent. Whether it’s huge or small, it’s a limitation of ourselves. The universe itself is unlimited, and you’ll respond as long as you already have the feeling of having something like that.

A lot of people feel that they are constrained in their current situation. No matter what kind of situation you are in, it’s just where you are. It can change, and life can change if you apply the law of attraction.

If you want to change your situation, you have to change your mind first. The more you worry about something, the more things happen. You’re always worried about debt, thinking about debt. Then, you’re actually looking for debt, and the debt will happen as you wish. Or you’ll feel abnormal, so that your daily ideas come true.

For examples, without a large deposit, or an emotional life that is not satisfactory, or if your body is not healthy enough, it is not an existing state, it is just a result of past thoughts and behaviors. So many of us often live in the past as a result of thoughts and actions. If you define yourself by your current state of life, it’s hard to believe that your life in the past is no different from what it is now. Our current situation is a collection of all our ideas.

Two ways to effectively apply the law of attraction

There are two effective methods:

1. Thanksgiving

Start with a thank-you list. This will shift your energy elsewhere and change your mind. When you start doing this exercise, you begin to change your mind and start to feel grateful for the good things in life. As long as you change your view of life, it will attract more good things, so that your life will appear more worthy of grateful people and things.

Men know what happens to your wife if you are grateful for what she has done. She’ll pay more. This is the power of gratitude, it will draw your grateful personnel to your side. We get what we think and what we are grateful for.

Focus on what you have and what you are grateful for, for examples, my eyes can see and my clothes are beautiful. If you are satisfied and grateful for what you already have, you may soon get something else you want more.

2. Visionize

This way of thinking comes from the Apollo Space Program, and everything you think about becoming a reality. Simply put, it’s about trying to get things done. People’s minds are interesting. We pick up sophisticated feedback instruments for the Olympic program athletes, and then let them think about what they’re competing in – A miracle happens -when the athletes participating in the experiment, imagine the situation during the game, their muscles are fired at the same frequency as they do when they are playing in a race track. How is that possible? This is because your mind can’t tell if you’re really running or doing psychological exercises, as long as you can think you can do it.

When you are visualizing, after a picture appears in your mind, remember that you can always think about the final result. For example, you create a feeling that you’re already sitting in that car, don’t think I wish I could own that car or that one day I can own that car. Because the message is clear, you don’t own it now, it’s the future. And if you keep feeling this way it will never happen. You imagine your hands on the steering wheel of your new car, and the experience is very real, and the degree of truth makes you feel like the car is already yours.

Attraction is not only generated by our psychological images or ideas, but also by how we have really created it. A lot of people will think they just need to have a positive thinking and just visionize they have owned the thing they want is enough. If you do that, but do not produce the feeling of having that kind of thing, that feeling of love or happiness, then you cannot produce from the heart the power of life to attract. The most important thing about this secret is that you must feel very happy.

Close your eyes every day and take a few minutes to imagine what it’s like to have it. Then come out and imagine you’ve got it and you’re grateful. To really feel satisfied, and then return to normal life. These ideas released to the universe. I believe that the universe will help you achieve. Close your eyes every day, and imagine your goals, and imagine that you have achieved them. When inspiration comes along, you have to believe it and take action.

Law of attraction aspects

The law of attraction is used in all aspects

The Law of Attraction

Social values

The Secret of Money

Wealth is actually a state of mind. Everyone has the ability to change their relationships and financial situation.

If you want money, you say how much you want. Specifically, “I want to get $30,000 in additional earnings over the next 30 days.” You want anything, as long as you believe it will happen. Most people’s job is to pay off their debts, which will only keep you in debt forever. No matter what you think, it will attract the corresponding things to appear. If you think about debt, it will lead to debt.

If you focus on what you lack, what you don’t have, your family will be worrying about these things together. If you talk to friends about these things like “we’re short of this, we can’t afford that”, then you’ll never be able to afford it. Because your attitude will put you further into this state of absence. If you want to be rich or if you want to succeed, you must focus on abundance and success.

A lot of people have a lot of money, but their relationships are so bad that they can’t be called rich. There are some people who are very rich in their hearts, but always poor and sick, which cannot be called rich. Life should be rich in every way.

A lot of people dream of being successful. They want to buy big houses. They want to do big business. They want to possess all these external things. But studying found that after we have these things, we don’t necessarily get what we really want, that is happiness. We are bent on pursuing things outside, hoping that they will bring us happiness, and that is no use. You have to pursue inner happiness and peace. The heart has such a scene first, and then the external things will be presented one by one.

The Secrets of Relationships

You need to know yourself first. On the one hand, if you are not happy when you are alone, how can someone be happy when they are with you? On the other hand, do you treat yourself the same way you expect others to treat you?

In a relationship, a lot of people always expect your partner to tell you how beautiful you are because you can’t see your beauty. Everyone has their own unique beauty, you have to love yourself. Only at that moment when you really love yourself, the people around you will really love you. You have great qualities, and you have to learn to love yourself. It’s not the same as self-righteousness. At the very least, you have to respect yourself. Only when you love yourself, you will know how to love others.

In terms of interpersonal relationships, we are used to complaining about others are bad. My colleagues are too difficult to get along with. My husband always makes me angry. My children are too lazy. You will always pay attention to others. If you really want to build a good relationship, you should pay more attention to and appreciate the strengths of others than on their weaknesses. Because the more we complain, the more the things will happen.

We can’t control others, no matter how hard we try. In fact, the only person who can control your happiness is yourself. Even if it’s your parents, your children or your spouse – the people closest to you, they have no way to control your happiness. Happiness in your own hearts.

The secret of health

You must know that our bodies are the product of our thoughts. In the medical world we begin to understand that thoughts and emotions determine the structure and function of our bodies. The human mentality is the most important element of treatment, and the efficacy is even greater than the drug. If someone is sick, try to stimulate their inner strength. Try to compare this method with taking medicine. However, if the serious illness can be fatal, of course, it is recommended that you still go to the doctor. Treat stimulates the strength of the mind as an auxiliary treatment. Every treatment has its value.

This universe is the best masterpiece of abundance and health. You can feel beauty, joy, and happiness by opening your heart to the abundance of the universe. And you can experience all the good things that the universe offers, such as health, wealth, and goodness. If you close your heart and have negative thoughts in your head, you’ll feel uncomfortable, sickness. You will feel as if every day is very sad.

In this world, there are countless diseases, all of which are caused by one factor, and that is stress. You put pressure on one point, meaning you put pressure on the whole system, and a link will be disconnected. Our physiological system gives us back by creating diseases. It lets us know that we have unbalanced thoughts, that we lack of love and a sense of love. So there’s nothing to be scary about the symptoms that the body shows.

Can you turn things around through positive thinking when a person is unwell, or when something is not good in life? The answer is yes.

We have a simple approach called self-therapy. If there is a wound, it will heal automatically. If infected by bacteria, the immune system works to eliminate the bacteria and treat the body well. Because the immune system treats itself.

There is no disease in a healthy and happy body. Millions of cells are metabolized every second in the human body and millions of new cells are created. In fact, certain parts of our bodies are being updated every day. Some parts take months, some take years. But in a few years we will have a whole new body.

If you get sick and put all your thoughts on it and think about your own illness, you’ll create more cells for disease.

For example, there are two kinds of sick people. One kind of person: they only think about happy things. They are willing to accept all kinds of possibilities. They are willing to live in hope and wholeheartedly to think about why they should live in joy and gratitude. Another person: they have the same disease, but they choose to worry about their own illness, thinking about their own illness all day long. They focus on complaining that their life is not good.

When a person is thinking about his or her body’s illness and symptoms, it is difficult to recover from it. If they don’t change his mind from illness to how to recover, he can’t be cured. This is the law of attraction.

Happy thoughts produce a happy biochemical reaction that produces a happier and healthier body. Negative thoughts and stress can make the body worse and reduce the function of the brain, because our thoughts and emotions constantly recalibrate, rearrange, and re-create our bodies. Get rid of the pressure of the body and let the body play to its own functions that will heal yourself.

The Secrets of the World

We are habitually happy to see what we want, but when we see something we don’t like, we think about destroying it, eliminating it, and forgetting it. We are all used to tending to fight what we don’t want. What we think creates. So if we get angry, say, there’s a conflict or suffering, your anger is fueling it. And these practices will only create counterproductive forces.

The more you resist it, the more you insist. If you resist something, you say, “No, I don’t want this, because it makes me feel the way I feel now”. You’re releasing this very strong emotion, “I really don’t like this feeling”, and then it’s going to stay with you.

Why should we focus so much on bad things? We can turn our attention to the things of trust, love, abundance, education and peace. Mother Teresa was wise energized, saying that she would never take part in an anti-war march, and that she was willing to take part in a peace march because she understood the secret.

You have to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want, and you can know what you don’t want, so you can compare and understand what you want. But in fact, the more often you mention unwanted things, the more you complain about how annoying those things are, the more you read the relevant reports, and say it’s terrible, and this kind of thing happens more and more.

You have to learn to sit back. Turn your attention away from things you don’t want. Let all your emotions settle down, and focus on what you want to experience.

Your job is not to change the world, or the people around you, your job is to follow the laws of the universe and appreciate its good side in this world.

If we all use this secret and use the universe as a catalogue, will we be out of stock? Will the bank go bankrupt if we all can possess it?

The world is always an oversupply for everyone, and there is a lie that “there are not many good things”. This lie leaves everyone living in fear, greed and miserliness. The truth is that good things and ideas are inexhaustible, energy, love and happiness are inexhaustible, as long as you feel in your heart that you have unlimited power, then these will appear in your real life.

All the great people who have existed in this world have told us that life should be rich. So when we see that kind of resources become less, we will find new energy to achieve the same goal. We feel less resources because we don’t open our eyes to the things around us. If each of us lives in our heart, choose what we want and everyone wants it differently.

Keep an eye out for the good things around you. Bless them, appreciate them, and, on the other hand, don’t waste energy picking up or complaining about what you’re not happy about right now, and embrace everything you want, and you’ll get more.

Your secret

Many people feel that they are victims of life. They often mention the past, may be childhood abuse by parents, or the family is not perfect. A lot of psychologists pointed out that 85% of families are not perfect. Almost everyone has a similar story, so, control it, so what?

The real question is what do you want to do now? What’s your choice now? You can focus on the past, or you can focus on what you want. When you focus on what they want, the things you don’t want will dissipate. If one side is expanding, the other side will slowly disappear.

The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that you can start at any time. You can start thinking harmony and happiness, and the universe will respond to your feelings. Every time I say “I can’t”, that’s also creating. Everyone has infinite power, talent, and strength on earth.

The Secrets of Life

Your life was created by yourself. After mastering this secret, you will feel and experience happiness and begin to do the things that bring you happiness. Joy, love, freedom, happiness and laughter are all important. If you can be happy by sitting and meditating for an hour, then meditate. Always put yourself in this state. Focus on what you want to present in your life.

Inner happiness is a must for success, and all the things that make you feel good will always be present in your life. You can choose whether to accept and use it and whether it makes you feel good. Give it up if it doesn’t, and find something that makes you feel good and resonates with your heart.

You have come to the crossroads of life, because there is a voice in your heart that says, “You should live a happy life”. What are you born to do to contribute your value to our world? You just try your best to be yourself. Everything you go through and every moment you experience has actually prepared for this moment.

Follow the feeling of happiness. You will always live in a happy space. Open your heart to the abundance of the universe. Share your life with the people you love. Your excitement, enthusiasm, and happiness will spread and infect others.