What is stress management

Sometimes you will feel annoyed. Sometimes you do not want to do things. You hope to reduce stress or even hope that all the trouble can be disappeared. When you face the situation that you can’t handle, you may even feel tension to the extent of diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps. You may spend a lot of time to eat, drink and go shopping just to make you feel comforted. At that moment, you are under pressure. You need to have a proper stress management to make you feel relax and achieve your goal.

Social Isolation: A negative emotional expression or improper social skill may put you in helpless and embarrassment situation.

Stress feeling

Stress is a feeling of discomfort when dealing with something. It may pass through to you by the mean of psychological or physiological reactions, such as: stress, anxiety, headaches, stomach aches, muscle soreness (often neck), high blood pressure, colds, palpitations, insomnia…

Does stress indicate that you are not mentally and physically tolerant when dealing with affairs? It doesn’t mean exactly that, it doesn’t always mean you’re in a bad situation, sometimes stress can lead us to accomplish things more efficiently, but conversely, if the pressure is too much beyond the our tolerance level, it may cause an imbalance in the mental state of the mind to collapse in emotional, physical and psychological and may cause the various types of psychological or physical diseases. So it’s important to know what kind of pressure level is in your controllable range of stress relief.


Component of Wellness

Type of stress

Overreacted: When pressure comes, you are so annoyed, you find yourself irritable, become picky. You may do some extreme sports to relieve. For example, car racing with others, shout to other people. As a result, everyone around you is very sad and gradually become no longer willing to cooperate with you, you feel isolated and feel hurt deeply.

Negative: You are always anxious about how to do everything and solve all the difficulties, you often cry inexplicably or wake up in the middle of the night. You just can’t stop thinking. The most dangerous thing about these seemingly mundane reactions is that you may get a series of illnesses: migraine headaches, skin allergies, back pain, shoulder acid or digestive disease.

Ostrich type: Anxiety flashes in your head. You force yourself to put these questions to rest, and then quickly move on to other things. You may be able to pretend to be cheerful in front of the world, but because in fact you do not solve the problems, these problems accumulate more and more until one day you are unable to control, they even inevitably accumulate into your face, it will mean a serious physical or mental pain response in the future.

Coping style: You can grasp the course of your life, but sometimes there will be some trouble, then you may be temporarily lost. But you really have nothing to worry about. As long as you deal with the pressure, the tough moments will be gone eventually.


Sign of Stress

Sign of stress


Even you are on the bed, the brain is still running. Thinking there is still something to do. Your mind can’t stop functioning. You don’t have enough rest even though you may still be able to sleep late night. In the next day, you will still feel tired, headache, dizziness and so on. Long-term sleep deprivation will reduce your productivity, what’s even worse, reduces the immune ability of the body.

Lost focus

Often you can’t finish a task because you are interrupted by impatience. You are unable to focus on one thing. You just want to shift the pressure and do other things. The original task will never be done completely as planned.

Anxiety, Irritability, Anger

It’s really a mix stress symptoms. It’s easy to be nervous about things that haven’t happened, and always worry about bad things. On the other hand, sometimes the pressure makes people to become emotion, want to argue with the people you dislike. You may even have a bad appetite, palpitation, Chest pain and stomach pain kind of issues.


Drop This is the worst situation. Stress can cause a decrease in immunity, causing the body to react, such as nose allergies, skin allergies and so on which are not easy to recover.

Feeling Stress

Effects of stress

How will your body react when you catch a bus or subway? You must feel your heart beating faster, blood pressure rising, this is the body’s natural response. Whether you catch the car or stress at work, your heart and breath will return to normal.

But if you’re under pressure for a long time, it’s not the same. Persistent stress can cause anxiety, muscle tension, rising blood pressure and indigestion, which are difficult to eliminate in the short term. More and more people find it difficult to relieve stress by themselves, and they are often in a state of tension. For example, many people feel that their job has no potential for growth, but they cannot change the status quo. How does this stress affect your body and your health?


Effect of Stress

The answer is not totally true!

“How much pressure have you suffered over the past year” a research report asked 30,000 adults in the U.S. And “Do you believe that stress is harmful to health? “And it took eight years to keep track of the 30,000 populations to see whether the” people believe that stress is harmful to health “can lead to real impact in the health.

The results of the study show that people who have been under great stress over the past year have increased their risk of death by 43%, but the results apply only to those who believe that stress is harmful to health. Other people who are under great stress but do not think that stress is harmful to their health are even less likely to die than those who take a little bit of stress but think that stress is bad for their health.

When Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal found out about the findings, she started to think whether it makes people healthier simply by changing people’s perception of stress? Scientific experiments have shown that when people change their perceptions of stress, the body’s response to stress changes. If you change your negative perceptions of stress, your cardiovascular state will be healthier, as you are experiencing a happy and courageous time.

How to manage stress – stress buster

To clarify the causes of stress Stress is like a weigh. Its proportion to the degree of how you care about it. If it’s not a big deal, you won’t be so worried. The stress itself is not a problem. You don’t need stress relief toys. The question is: what are the stimuli that make you nervous and worried?” The key is to clarify the source of stress so that you can jump out of the mood of apprehension and to eliminate the stress from the fundamental source.


Manage Stress

Pick what you can do, what you can’t do The vast majority of people, are wasting too much energy on the things that they can’t change and they feel helpless. You can prepare your stress list and divide it into 2 categories of your stressful situation: one that you can control and one that you can’t control. For the part that you can’t do, they are beyond your control, cross them out, and simply let them go. For the part that can be done, take practical action to change what is possible and to counter unnecessary fears.

Break Habit

Transformation of stress

How you look at stress determines how stress affects you. Treating stress as a threat, stuck in negative emotions, only paralyzes your head and you don’t see other opportunities even though there can be more than one.

The author of “Before Happiness”, Shawn Achor, has done a research about the change in the results by simply changing people’s perspective. The results are 37% increase in sales and 31% increase in productivity.

Try to change the way you treat stress, be self confident, keep the positive energy and you will have the power to solve any problems.

Resource: https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2013/11/30/how-to-be-more-productive-and-happier-during-times-of-stress/#558f9e3e3e8c

Build your support network

Networking is the most powerful support tool for stressless. You won’t be alone when you face difficult problems, helpless trouble, and complex mood. You should find a trustworthy family, friends, colleagues. Not only they are good listeners for you to express your emotion, they can also provide advice or assistance from different angles.

Take a break

This is the method I like most and I always do. It means mindfulness based stress reduction. The body is often involuntary tension and fatigue under stress. It gets accumulated into greater stress. Give yourself a period of time, even if only five minutes, to put aside the annoying task at hand from the inside out to concentrate on relaxing completely. Alternatively, have a habit of exercising regularly is also a good way to reduce stress.  Relaxation is the key for you to walk longer.

As you can see, coping with stress is not difficult. You need to know the stress management techniques and deal with stress. Now it’s the time for you to take action!