What is Prioritization

The company has a lot of different kinds of work to deal with every day. From day-to-day business, urgent tasks, and to even the planning of the large-scale enterprise painting and so on.

At this time, the priority of each task, will have a significant impact on the efficiency, because if the priority of the arrangement is not effective, things will be done with less.

In judging priorities, “importance” and “urgency” are two important foundations, and “difficulty”, “complexity” and “operations” can be taken into account.

Benchmark of Prioritization

5 benchmarks of judging priorities

Importance: Generally speaking, the larger the number of the more important, such as amount, number, the size of the department.

Emergency: The nearer to the deadline, such as delivery time, deadline, duration and so on.

Degree of difficulty: depending on your strength. Generally speaking, the need for imagination, planning are more important. It will be more difficult to do creative things than administrative affairs of work. The harder the work is, the more important it is usually.

Complexity: more time and effort needs to be spent relatively for the complex affairs that involved many factors and tasks.

Amount of work: The amount of work will affect the length of time that must be spent.

Stephen Covey – The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.








The Goal of Prioritization

The Purpose and Goal of Prioritization Prioritization is about focus—where to assign resources and when to start the work.

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5 Questions to Set Goals That Prioritize You

Daydesigner is showing you the 5 questions you should know to get goals that prioritize you.

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Ok, you know it’s important to prioritize your goals but how? Here is 5 tips from inc.com

Prioritization techniques

3 tips to get you to do more in a short time

We should not waste time when we are facing many jobs with less pay. We can do more in a short time with this 3 principles.

Define your work and focus on the top priority:

Find the most beneficial part of your job. Follow the 80/20 rules, and focus on the top to avoid unnecessary waste of time. 

Write and complete two goals per week:

On a personal level, a goal can be a powerful motivator, as well as a driver that leads to success. Set two goals a week to prioritize your goals and accomplish them within a certain amount of time.

Outsource Non-core Work:

Instead of spending too much time on non-core work, it is important to outsource these work, reduce costs, and shorten the time to achieve goals.





Even with the same work, the amount of time each person spends and the quality of the work done, is clearly quite different. In fact, as long as you master the following 3 tips, anyone can complete the work without any problem.

To rectify the working environment:

A desk full of messy papers and a mountain of unresolved cases can give people a sense of nervousness about where to start. If you mix the processed files with the files that have not been processed, you can create a bigger problem.

If you do a good job of classification, you can work smoothly.

You can prepare a special box for the documents. You can put the documents neatly into the box based on their classification such as mail, fax, etc. So as to avoid other people arbitrarily placed resulting in scattered files or even lost.

When you encounter a business trip or a holiday, you can put the box on your desk before leaving work on the last day of work, and ask everyone to “put the file here” to avoid the messiness of document when you are away.

In addition, it is recommended to use a mesh or transparent acrylic box so that even if the box is folded together, it is possible to determine at a glance whether there are files inside.

Prioritize based on the degree of emergency:

The key to the classification and processing of documents is to judge the “urgency” of the document. The priority of processing is also decided based on the basis of urgency.

Normally, the documents that must be processed quickly will be stamped with the emergency/urgent seal. So before proceeding, please review all the documents and prioritize the high urgency files. However, when you see a high emergency file, although you want to start immediately, it is better to check all the files first.



It is because there may be further information or updates/revisions in a document that is not yet confirmed. It must be confirmed before it can be dealt with when the situation is not fully understood. Also check email inbox, as it is possible to receive follow-up information via email.

In the workplace, in addition to the routine, there will usually be a variety of different jobs, and most of them have a deadline. If you handle several cases at the same time, you must consider the completion of each case and the time required to determine the priority.

In fact, there is no correct answer to the method or order of work, and the emphasis is on thinking about how to improve your work efficiency so that you can grasp the gist of the lessons gained from each job and establish your own method of arranging a job.


Prioritization worksheet

Pre-scheduled daily “Worksheet”:

A “worksheet” is something that is made for managing your schedule, like a calendar. Whether you use a notepad, google calendar or you can do it yourself (homemade paper worksheet after cutting and then bookbinding).

The content of the “worksheet” is actually the type of work that must be done on that day. You can save a lot of time by working on your schedule every day and not be afraid of missing work. Once the work has done, you can determine the date of the next action.




Let’s build up a simple prioritization system

Prioritization made simple: write a list of all the things you have to do and cross them off as you go.

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You can’t prioritize anything unless you have a clear end goal. First, you need to create a vision of what you want to achieve in the long term.

In the second phase of MT3, you’ll write out your Top 3 priorities — for the day, week, month and quarter. Divide the remainder of your page into four quadrants. Then write down three top tasks you need to complete in each time frame.


Don’t forget to prioritize self-care

Take some time to slow down and recognize the importance of sleep and self care.

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If I have to choose one to prioritize from above, I would wish to sleep more. Yes, sleep is the first priority.

So how can we prioritize sleeping? huffingtonpost.ca has the following tips.

In order to prioritize things, you should first divide your goals into big goals, medium goals and small goals. Then, differentiate them into this month’s goal, this week’s goal, today’s goal. After that, you can prioritize these goals and record them all in a memo. That is to prioritize work based on the classification of goals.